Stitch together left-eye and right-eye Z CAM K1 Pro videos

When you record with your Z CAM K1 Pro camera, you create individual left- and right-eye videos. You can use VR180 Creator to stitch them together and export one equirectangular VR180 video.

  1. On your computer, open the VR180 Creator tool.
  2. Click Video and then Stitch videos.
  3. Choose the two files you want to stitch.
  4. Make sure you add left- and right-eye videos to the appropriate columns.
  5. Make sure the appropriate input camera profile is selected under "Settings."
  6. Click Export, and then choose where to save the files.
  7. In the window that appears, click Export.
  8. Wait for each file to calibrate and process.
    • To stop, click Cancel or Pause.
  9. After your files have been stitched, you can edit them in your preferred app, or upload them directly to YouTube.
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