Import and publish your VR footage

You can transfer your VR videos into another supported app to edit them. After that, you can publish your VR content for others to see.

Import your footage

  1. On your computer, open a video-editing app, like Adobe Final Cut Pro.
  2. Edit your video. Before you finish, check the following:
    • Metadata: Confirm that your video has the right info, like field of view and stereo layout. This keeps the video from looking stretched or warped.
    • Resolution: Use the same resolution as your original video. If you have to lower your resolution, check that you used the same aspect ratio as before.
  3. Export your video from the video-editing app in a supported format, like .mp4 or .mov.
    • Tip: If you want to export your video to a mobile device, you may have to reduce the resolution to 4K.

Publish your VR footage

If your video editor doesn't support info like time, date, and location, you'll need to prepare your file to be published.

Choose your footage

  1. On your computer, open the VR180 Creator tool.
  2. Click Prepare for publishing and then Select.
  3. Choose the file you’d like to prepare.
    • You can only prepare one video at a time.

Adjust your settings

To see how your video will look in 2D, turn on YouTube mono preview. If your preview looks stretched or warped, you may need to choose a different layout or field of view.

Change your stereo layout

VR180 Creator will detect the right layout when you choose a file, but you can change it if necessary. You can choose one of two layouts: Top/Bottom or Left/Right.

Change your field of view

  • The options are:
    • 180° video
    • 360° video
    • Custom
  • If your footage has a field of view larger than 180°, you’ll need to process the file a second time before you can publish it.

Process your footage

  1. When you’re ready, click Export.
  2. Choose where you want the file to go.
  3. In the window that appears, click Export.
  4. After the file is exported, you can upload it to YouTube. Learn how to upload VR videos.
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