Edit your VR photos using VR180 Creator

You can use VR180 Creator to edit your VR photos in any editing tool. VR180 Creator splits VR photos into standard photo files so you can make edits in your favorite photo editor. After editing, VR180 Creator merges the standard photos into a VR photo again.


Make changes to your VR photos

Step 1: Split your photos

After capture, VR180 cameras create a single VR180 photo file. You can separate that VR photo into two new, standard photo files, one for each eye. Then you can edit the photos in another application, like Adobe Photoshop.

Note: Your original VR photos won't be affected when you split the files.

  1. Copy the photos from your VR180 camera to your computer.
  2. On your computer, open VR180 Creator.
  3. Click the Photo tab.
  4. Click Split photos.
  5. Choose the VR180 photos you want to split and then import them.
  6. When you're ready to start splitting the photos, click Export.
  7. Decide where the new files should go.

When you split the photos, you'll get new files with:

  • A left-eye photo (part of its name will say "-left.jpg")
  • A right-eye photo (part of its name will say "-right.jpg")
  • A metadata file (part of its name will say "-meta.bin"). You’ll need this file to preserve important metadata (such as GPano and EXIF) in your final VR photo.

Step 2: Edit your photos

In the program that you use to edit pictures, open your newly split photos. Perform any changes that you normally would make. Make sure you apply the same edits to both the left- and right-eye photos.

When you're done:

  1. Use the editing program to export your files in .jpg format.
  2. Give the left and right photos the same filename with different endings ("-left.jpg" and "-right.jpg").
    • Example: "red sign-left.jpg" and "red sign-right.jpg."
  3. Open VR180 Creator again after the export is complete.

Note: You can rescale VR photos, but you can't crop or change their aspect ratio.

Step 3: Merge your photos back together

To see your photo in VR inside an app like Google Photos, combine the left- and right-eye photos with the VR180 metadata.

  1. On your computer, open VR180 Creator.
  2. In the "Photo" tab, click Merge photos.
  3. To merge the photo, select the metadata file, left-eye photo, and right-eye photo.
    • Note: You can merge multiple split photos at once.
  4. When you're ready to merge the files, click Export.
  5. Decide where the merged files should go.

After merging the photos, you'll get new files which end in "-merged.vr.jpg.”

Create 360° panoramas

You can turn a VR180 photo into a panorama. It will have a 360° field of view in top/bottom format. The left-eye image will be above, the right-eye image below.

  1. On your computer, open VR180 Creator.
  2. In the “Photo” tab, click Convert photos.
  3. Choose the VR180 photos you want to convert and import them.
  4. Optional: To change your stabilization settings, select Stabilize pitch or Stabilize roll.
    • Note: If you stabilize a photo that has lots of roll, you may reduce the 3D effect.
  5. When you're ready to convert the flies, click Export.
  6. Decide where the converted files should go.

After converting the photos, you'll get new files with the "-converted.jpg" suffix.

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