Edit VR180 videos in Final Cut Pro X

You can title your footage, add effects and graphics, and then publish to YouTube.

Set up your video for first-time edits

Step 1: Convert your VR footage

To edit your video in Final Cut Pro, it needs to be in the right format: 360-degree equirectangular. You can change the format of your content yourself. Learn how to convert your footage .

Note: Be sure to use the correct format. If you use another one, like converted 180-degree equirectangular, your video will get stretched out in the wrong way.

Step 2: Start a new project

  1. On your computer, open Final Cut Pro X.

  2. Click File and then Open library and then Other.
  3. Click New.
  4. Add a name to your project.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click File and then Import and then Media.
  7. Select your VR videos.
  8. Click Import selected.
  9. Click File and then New and then Project.
  10. Next to "Video," from the dropdown menu, select Custom.
    • Set projection type to 360 ̊ Stereoscopic.
    • Enter the resolution and frame rate of your footage.
  11. Click OK.
  12. Drag and drop your clip to the "Timeline" pane below.

Note: Get tips on more advanced edits for 360 ̊ videos.

Add graphics and effects

Add a 360 ̊ title

  1. At the top left, click the Titles button.
    • If you don’t see this, click Window and then Go to and then Titles and generators.
  2. Select your 360 ̊ from the list.
  3. Choose your title.
  4. Drag and drop the title to your video to the "Timeline" pane.
  5. On the right, in the "Inspector" pane, you can edit your title text and parameters.
  • If you don’t see "Inspector," click Window and then Go To and then Inspector.

Apply 360 ̊ effects

  1. At the top, click Window and then Show in workspace and then Effects.
  2. Drag and drop an effect to your video to the "Timeline" pane.
  3. Select the video clip in the "Timeline" pane.
  4. To edit the effects parameters, at the top, click Window and then Go To and then Inspector.

Insert 2D graphics

  1. Drag and drop graphics to your video below.
  2. Select the graphic in the "Timeline" pane.
  3. Click Window and then Go to and then Inspector. You can edit the graphics parameters.
  4. To adjust the stereo affect, hover over "360 Transform" in the Inspector panel.
  5. Click Show.
  6. Use the slider to change the "Convergence" effect.

Export your video

  1. On your computer, open Final Cut Pro X.
  2. Click File and then Share and then Master file.
  3. Choose your export settings.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Choose where to save your file.
  6. Click Save.

Add your video to YouTube

You can also publish your videos to the internet. First, you need to get the video ready to publish, and then you can upload it to YouTube. Learn how you can:

  1. Prepare your footage to be published.
  2. Upload your video.
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