Learn about VR180 Creator Settings

You can change your output and video settings to get the most out of your footage.

Adjust your output settings

Change your field of view

You can choose to film either 180° video or 360° video.

  • 180° video is the default field of view and creates a smaller file size. You also don’t need to process 180° video files again before you publish them.
  • 360° video is best for when you want to do advanced editing. You need to process 360° video files a second time before you publish it. Some apps only work with 360˚ images.

Change your output stereo layout

You can choose one of two layouts: Top/Bottom or Left/Right. To edit your VR footage in most apps, use Top/Bottom. Some footage works better with a Left/Right layout.

Change your output resolution

  • To make the best footage based on the resolution you chose, use Optimal for input.
  • If you want to make edits to your pictures or a lot of detail, use a large resolution like:
    • 6K - 3072x6144
    • 4K - 2048x4096
  • If you don’t want edits or high-quality pictures, use a smaller resolution like:
    • 2K - 1024x2048
    • 1K - 512x1024
  • To capture similar footage even with different cameras, use 4K or 6K resolution.

Adjust your video settings

Use a video codec

  • H.264: Get compact footage that is supported on most platforms.
  • DNxHR: Get high resolution footage with good detail and audio.

Change your video quality

The settings are:

  • Low quality
  • Standard quality
  • High quality (this is the default)

Your video codec changes the meaning of each setting:

  • H.264: Your settings match the quality and size of the file. High quality files will be larger.
  • DNxHR: The settings match the DNxHR profiles.

Stabilize your footage

  • Stabilization can help if your footage is shaky or jittery. It will make the video smoother and less distracting.
  • No stabilization is best if you don’t want to change your footage.
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