VR180 Creator overview

VR180 Creator is a tool that helps you convert your VR180 media into standardized file formats required by mainstream post-production editing tools like Adobe Premiere and Photoshop. After editing your media, you can then use VR180 Creator again to easily prepare videos for publishing on supported platforms like YouTube, and photos for viewing on supported platforms like Google Photos.

What VR180 Creator can do

  • Convert your footage into equirectangular video so you can edit it.
  • Preview how your VR180 videos will look on Youtube.
  • Re-inject metadata into your edited videos so they will play on YouTube.
  • Split your VR180 photos into left- and right-eye images for editing in third-party photo editing applications.
  • Merge your edited left- and right-eye images into a VR180 photo.

Note: VR180 Creator is not a video editor. In-app editing and trimming are not supported. Editing is only available using third-party editing applications.

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