See your content in virtual reality

You'll need a VR-ready headset to see your pictures and videos in virtual reality.

With Google Cardboard

You can put your smartphone in a viewer to see and share content with the VR180 app. You can find Cardboard viewers at

With Daydream View

You can see and share your VR content on the VR180 app, Google Photos, or YouTube VR. You can use this headset with any Daydream-ready phone.

  • You can find a Daydream headset at
  • You can find a phone at

With Lenovo Mirage Solo

You can view your VR content on Google Photos or YouTube VR. If you put your camera’s microSD card inside your headset, you can also see that content in VR. You can find a Lenovo Mirage Solo headset at

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