Problems setting up Google Voice Lite

If you're having trouble setting up Google Voice Lite, you can use the troubleshooter below.

Not sure which version you want to set up? Check out this article for more information.

Please verify that you are trying to set up Google Voice with a non-Google number:

  • Yes, I'm trying to use Google Voice with a non-Google number
  • No, I'm trying to set up a Google number.
  • Not sure

What problem are you encountering when trying to set up?

  • I encountered an error when dialing my activation code
  • I'm trying to set Google Voice up with a non-mobile phone
  • I want to deactivate Google voicemail from my phone
  • My mobile carrier isn't listed in the setup list
  • Other

Are you using a prepaid phone or a phone that supports changing voicemail providers?

  • I'm using a phone that doesn't support changing voicemail providers.
  • I'm using a pre-paid phone.
  • I'm not sure if I'm using a pre-paid phone or if my phone supports changing voicemail providers.
  • I'm not using a pre-paid phone and my mobile phone supports changing voicemail providers

Was your phone on when trying to set up Google Voice?

  • Yes, my phone was on when I was setting up.
  • No, my phone was not on during set up.

Did you have adequate network coverage when setting up?

  • Yes, I had good network coverage and am still experiencing problems.
  • No, I had little or no coverage during setup.

Did your carrier confirm that your phone supports conditional call forwarding?

  • Yes, my carrier says my phone should support conditional call forwarding.
  • No, my carrier doesn't support conditional call forwarding on my phone.