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Updated: Yesterday
Keep receiving this: Error: this message was not successfully delivered. I get this message when the person sending me the text replies to mine. Started today, does not matt…
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Reclaim process/instructions are not working. Unable to reclaim or select a new number. I used my voice number on Sept. 4th so I wouldn't loose the number but it was still reclaimed on Sep… Reclaim phone number after it was changed. Is it possible to reclaim my old GV number after it has been changed for more than 30 days?
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Unable to change and/or delete Google Voice number I am a computer helpdesk tech so I know what I’m doing and I have tried every single one of the step…
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Keep getting "Your transaction cannot be completed. Learn more. [OR-HDT-01]" I have been trying to all credit to my Google Voice account and every time I tried to do this, I kee…
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I can't transfer my google voice number. When I tried to transfer the number to another account, " We were unable to make the number transfer… Account disabled for using a "telephone exchange". Not even sure what that means. Just started using google voice for business and the account was suspended the same day. Was using i…
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Stopped receiving all incoming text messages thru Google Voice. I can't even receive thru the web. I stopped receiving all incoming text messages thru Google Voice. They can't even receive them direc… AT & T prepaid number transfer to GV work account managed by business. I want to know, does GV support to transfer an AT
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Updated: This week
Updated: This month
Why cant I verify my number Unable to use my ATT number for verification. But everytime I provide my mobile number or any other … Most of my Voice settings are greyed out, need to stop Voice from asking caller's name Google - why is it necessary for Voice to have someone in my contacts to STOP asking their name? I w…
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Port mobile number - been 5 days but number is not updated On 8-Sep around 9pm using Google voice I submitted a port request. The $20 charge went through and i…
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Someone received a call from my GV# but I did not call them - was this a hack? I received a call and then a text from an unknown number (but nearby area code). The text said they …
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Need help recovering google voice recording that never showed up I recorded two calls that never showed up. I need these for a workshop in a little over a week. Any …
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Getting 2 duplicate email notifications for each missed call Since about August 26, 2019, I've been receiving two essentially identical email notifications for e…
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bulk blocking numbers If like to understand how with Googlevoice, to select a RANGE of phone numbers to block. Is that pos… I can't get a google voice number assigned. I've been trying to get a google voice number assigned to me, but it never works. I've tried linking… How can I disable Google Voice web interface shortcut keys? When I am in the web interface for Google Voice text messaging, when I'm attempting to send a messag…
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Google voice just buffers and does not load my messages On the right it says "You're all caught up" and on the left side it just keeps loading but no messag…
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Updated: This year
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