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I was scammed into giving away my verification code & someone used my cell # to setup a google voice I’ve read previous posting & have spent 2 hours trying to get back my cell #/contact google. Please … craigslist scam - google voice I fell for a google scam on my phone for craiglist. They were texting me and sent me a verification … Transfer internal calls? Hey Everyone, We're trying to use Google Voice for our small business. We'd like to be able to set u… Whenever I try to call someone, it switches to a different number for me to call. Wrong number when calling someone. Google Voice won't let me log in A few days ago, I was sending texts with my Google Voice account and noticed that my texts failed to…
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How to separate personal voicemail and Google Voice voicemail? Hi, I have been trying to search for a solution for separating my personal voicemail greeting from m…
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I synced ALL of the contacts from my iPhone to Google Voice. How do I undo that? Went through all settings and cannot find a way to undo the transfer of all my personal contacts... need to adjust the number of rings before voicemail answers google voice rings twice and i need more rings so that google voicemail doesn't answer so quickly Can I use the mobile Google Voice app without a linked cell phone number? I have a google voice number with no linked cellphone number (I did this on purpose). I can use my v… Calls not ringing, going to VM. iPhone, Google Voice App Hello. I'm having an issue with GV where the GV app does not ring when I get a call. I will just get… Any way to swipe-delete messages, calls, and voicemails? I want to keep a clean inbox, and delete messages, calls, and voicemails with a (single) swipe, as I… I currently have a "free" Google voice number that I'd like to permanently keep. How can I "buy it? I'm trying to understand the process required to permanently acquire a Google voice number. This is … Google voice to ATT my porting is still pending I submitted a unlock request to port to ATT and bought a ATT SIM. I am able to make calls from porte… I was selling something on Craigslist and someone claiming to be a buyer sent asked me to give them the verification code that I was about to receive. I did and the code was google voice. After I realized this was a scam I created my own google voice account and linked that account to my cell number. GV told me that number was with someone else and asked me if I wanted to claim the number which I did. My number is now linked to my GV account. Is there anything else I need to do to protect myself? What can the scammer do with this other than scam people and have response calls forwarded to my phone number?. help detach my phone # from a scammers google voice account Is there a way around the group text limit? Using google voice to send group messages to a church group. Limited to 30 messages sent *per day* b…
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Google voice can't use this phone number to verify your account. Try verifying with another number. "Google voice can't use this phone number to verify your account. Try verifying with another number.…
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google can't verify my phone number while I am outside US, although I still receive calls and texts I am trying to port my mobile number into google voice. I am currently outside the US and my phone i…
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