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Updated: Yesterday
I was scammed into giving away my verification code & someone used my cell # to setup a google voice I’ve read previous posting Delete a GV number to transfer one from another gmail account? I ported a T-Mobile cell number to one of our kids Gmail accounts. Transfer worked. Problem is I por…
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My calls are not forwarding to my linked device ( I have an IPhone and my carrier is Sprint). I cant figure out why, as I've tried almost everything. All of the settings are set up correctly in google voice and in my phone, though the calls still arent going through. A few minutes after someone will call me, it shows I had a missed call on my google voice. I cant figure this out! Someone please help. I'm trying to enable calls on my phone. I've tried deleted the app, deleting and re-entering in my n…
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Not able to call to any number through my google voice. “We couldn’t complete ur call try later”. H Able to receive call but not able to make any call(national/international) . Credit of $10 is there.…
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Porting Google Voice number to a landline service I've been using a GV number through my personal email as a business phone. I'm about to move into my…
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I was told to reverify the number I want to have calls forwarded to, but never received code to veri I received an email that says I need to reverify the number that I want my calls forwarded to, but n…
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Ported my number about 1 week ago, was charged $20 - but it has not ported. Any way to check status? I ported my ATNT number about 1 week ago, was charged $20 and have yet to have my number ported or g…
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App doesn’t start up on iPhone I have been using the voice app for years, but since several weeks I can’t start it anymore. When I …
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new to g voice looking for tutorials -- my texts is going to my mail box well as my gmail box confused things -- looking for good users guide -- not finding anything helpful
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cannot port my cell phone number Hi, I just unlocked my cell phone from AT
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How can I keep a hacker from reclaiming my personal phone number through google voice? I stupidly got scammed into giving my google code to a hacker on craigslist. They used my number and…
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Why are my calls being dropped G Voice still dropping calls. This has been going on for a while. I am guessing that google has aban…
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I requested a port and I paid the $20 but nothing happened, my number is still on t-mobile a 3 days ago I tried to port a number from t-mobile prepaid, everything was looking good and I paid th… Cant make international calls. Error " google voice can't make call outgoing call to this number" I have added $10 credit to my account. I am able to make calls locally but unable to make calls to h…
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