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Unable to receive call on Android or Win10 after porting number I originally had a generic GV number, and my own US cell#. I recently ported my Cell number into GV …
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Outgoing calls using GV fail on new T-mobile Rebelion prepaid plan (android) I ve been using GV for my US based calls no problem. Yesterday T-mobile changed their prepaid plan. …
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Is Google Fi still subject to the half dozen local taxes and fees I now pay through my mobile carrie Just wanted to know if the billing is inclusive of local fees my state and County tack on.
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Why am I not getting audible notifications for Gmail, Gvoice and Messages on Android? Pixel 3a using Android 9 and now Android 10. I get audible notifications from some apps like eBay an…
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How to stop Google from listening to my conversations? On the phone and off im being spied on. Ads? (note 9)I've been using Google for years but never have I been sent and ad related to a conversation…
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Hello admin I can't send messages from my Google voice number it's write message fail tap to retry Try to text a friend My voice is not sending messages, why? I've tried complaining here
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I can't send text sms on premium numbers ? It always appears failed to send I m trying to send text on premium numbers, like parking services or any such kind of but can't?
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How to block group text spam? How do you block group text spam with Google Voice? I've started getting a lot of spam texts as part…
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How do I block an entire block of phone numbers? I'm getting hammered today from 888-800-05xx. I need to block 1-800-888-05xx, I'm getting killed with Social Security spam calls all day. How can …
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Fail to Refresh | Error Loading Conversations I Uninstall Google Voice and reboot, Reinstall. Then it works fine for a few days. Then it just stop… block unwanted calls, abuse, and spam I am receiving a ton of spam calls from an "unknown/unavailable" number. They do NOT leave a message…
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where is my question I just put it on here about my VOIP phone is off line how can I get it back on I just put a question on here about my VOIP phone and Obihai 200 is offline how can I get it back on…
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Cannot transfer google voice number to new google account. I currently have a google voice number tied to my personal google account that I no longer use. I ha…
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My linked cell phone won't ring when google voice number is called. How do I fix this? I have linked and unlinked my T-mobile cell phone number (7334) from google voice (3057) in the sett…
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How to fix International Calling one way audio only. I can hear them but they cannot hear me. I am making calls from GV to Greece via the Android App. Anyone I call cannot hear me but I can hear…
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My messages keeps failing and when I tap to retry it keeps failing Trying to send messages
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Cannot call a particular number in India. Calls to other numbers working fine. I cannot make call to a particular India number. It says "This number is currently busy. Please Try …
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Voice calling from a smartphone that doesn't have a SIM card. Is it possible? I installed GV and have a phone number. The smartphone does not have a SIM card. It has wifi. It has…
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