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I am getting text messages for a Google voice number that Google canceled years ago. Help? I had a Google voice number, but wasn't really using it. About 5 years ago Google canceled it. Now I…
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Getting "Failed to Send" error when texting a Group with more than about 10 words I am using GV in a group with 4 people....my wife and my two sons. My wife also has GV and is using …
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"Please try again." error when trying to send a txt using Google Voice Chrome Extension I am not able to send SMS txt messages from the Google Voice chrome extension. No configuration chan… My Google voice has been disable please anyone with help on this I will really appreciate. I sent a mail to google but I don’t know if I’m on the right track I need someone that can help me o…
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Can't Access Google Voice or Main Menu Baffled! I've been using Google Voice on my laptop for months to replace AOL AIM/Messenger. I use it…
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please rethink killing transcripts to SMS Please don't kill off the ability to receive transcripts of GVoice VMs as a text.. people who travel… Getting "not sent" Message after replying to messages on GV web interface and mobile I've been using GV on a daily basis for my business for almost 10 years now and this is the first ti…
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Is anyone else not receiving text messages I’ve updated the app and still not receiving text messages.
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I have to use google voice for work, I haven’t been allowed to send messages since Friday. I haven’t been able to send text since Friday. What can I do to get this to work? I have to use goog…
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Revert to typing text instead of voice on Android phone Phone now asks me to speak when using Google and texting. Would rather type. How do I get rid of thi… I copied text from google and wanting to send to a friend and I notice it didn't go through and ever I copied text from google and wanting to send to a friend and I notice it didn't go through and ever…
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