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Updated: Yesterday
My calls are not forwarding to my linked device ( I have an IPhone and my carrier is Sprint). I cant figure out why, as I've tried almost everything. All of the settings are set up correctly in google voice and in my phone, though the calls still arent going through. A few minutes after someone will call me, it shows I had a missed call on my google voice. I cant figure this out! Someone please help. I'm trying to enable calls on my phone. I've tried deleted the app, deleting and re-entering in my n…
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what are the specifications required for using a microphone what are the specifications for the microphone
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Not able to call to any number through my google voice. “We couldn’t complete ur call try later”. H Able to receive call but not able to make any call(national/international) . Credit of $10 is there.…
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"google voice license unassigned" My entire team, some of us on Android, some iPhone, has gotten emails with the subject line "Google …
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If I hear static in my cellphone when only one person calls could my conversations be heard? When a certain person calls I hear static only when that person calls me on my cellphone. Could this… My incoming voicemails are being cut off after 5-6 seconds. How can I fix this? Voice messages are being cut off after 5-6 seconds. What's up? How do I fix this?
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Block Unknown Caller Block Unknown Caller. As far as I can tell, the answer to how to block a number that shows up as "Un… Question about Hangouts and Incoming Calls (Used with Google Voice) Hi. I have a few questions about Hangouts and incoming calls: I use Google Voice and Hangouts on my …
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Why do incoming calls first hear the message "Please state your name after the tone...?" Is there any way to eliminate the message to please state your name after the tone and google voice …
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Phone does not ring when an incoming call My Google Voice is not ringing anymore. It just shows missed call and voicemail. I even paid to chan…
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Problem: Intense Or Heavy Static on SOME OUTBOUND calls made from GV I have a random static noise problem when I dial a number FROM my Google Voice account. Every so oft…
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Using Google Voice number on Google Voice dialer only I find it bizarre that there's no setting to make outgoing calls when using your GV number ONLY when… Does anyone know if GV supports hunt groups? We have a small sales group that currently uses hunt groups to assign incoming sales calls from our …
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I lose connections while in calls (past three days) For the past three or more days, when I make a call out, I will be in the MIDDLE of a phone call and…
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Why are my calls being dropped G Voice still dropping calls. This has been going on for a while. I am guessing that google has aban…
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Google call screen answers all calls I have a Moto X4 with Google Fi. I recently updated my phone app and now have Google call screening.…
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Your account is not authorized to make calls to this number When trying to make a call I get a message that says, your account is not authorized to make calls t… GV not allowing incoming calls to get through For the past several days, on incoming calls, GV has allowed one ring and then immediately transferr…
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