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number (Expires on 11/5/20) Making permanent... Refresh Delete I paid $20, but I was interrupted. How do I continue to pay $20 now?
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Can I donate my google voice balance to charity? I have a small balance on google voice that I will likely not use. Is there a way to donate this to …
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How soon after adding money to my Google Voice account and seeing the credit can I use it again? How soon after I added credit to my G.Voice account will my long distance be available again? I paid… Google Voice verification: "Something went wrong. Try verifying with a different number." Hello, I am trying to link my primary phone number to my google voice account and I keep getting the… What anonymized copies of call record information is retained if Google voice messages are deleted. At the link, https://policies.google.com/technologies/voice?hl=en-US, the last sentence of a paragra…
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Google voice to be broken permanantly on the 11th Legacy Voice is SOOOOOOOOO much better! 1. New voice is slower.2. New voice doesnt work on half the …
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I think my google number that I Purchased in July 2017 was given to someone else. What do I do? Last 4 digits: 8818
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Forgot password & Google has reclaimed the recovery GVoice phone number Any help from the clever volunteers here would be appreciated as I am in a bit of a bind. I have for… Is it possible for someone to add my phone number even if I dont have a google voice? Someone tried to scam me and my mom to send codes just to see a picture of my missing cat. My mom ha…
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I'm making a report about Google Voice because it would not help me out try to get me my money back I'm making a complaint against Google Voice account because I tried to get my money back through Goo…
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How to make sure that my number will not expire, after making some calls I've received an email saying "Please remember that your current number will be reclaimed in 30 days…
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I have a $10 credit i do not intent to use and the card the credit was paid for with is no longer wh I have a $10 credit on google voice i do not intend to use. The debit card that was used to pay the …
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