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I'm a new user of Google voice and I'm experiencing some difficulties to set up my account.

Basically, I can't receive incoming calls... all incoming calls are transferred to the voice mail whatever if there is a carrier phone number linked to it or not?

This is very annoying, please advice.


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Hi Marc-André Chappuis, welcome to the Google Voice (a telephony product) community forum!
Did you set up Conditional Call Forwarding (CCF) on your linked phone numbers?  It sounds like Unconditional Call Forwarding (UCF) may have been accidentally enabled.
Who is the carrier of your mobile devices?  I'll see if I can provide the proper codes to set up CCF.
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Thank you for your quick answer.

Sorry but I'm not too sure about what you are talking about when you say  CCF and UCF... 

The carrier of my mobile device is the company FreeUPmobile (www.freeupmobile.com)

Thanks in advance for your input.
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Thanks for the definition Red Leatherman LOL .....So helpful to sort out my issue.
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A cheap phone service like you have most likely does not offer CCF (see previous post to know what CCF is).
What happens when you call your carrier phone directly?  What is the very first thing that happens?
When you have the phone linked to your Google Voice account, which voicemail answers?
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Hi Zanzibar,

Thanks for your input.

I understand the problem might come from my cheap phone service but that doesn't answer why I can't receive incoming calls directly on my Google voice number at all even when I don't have any carrier phone set up. 

Basically, all incoming calls on my GV number are directly transferred to the voicemail.

Moreover, I've tried with a AT&T number and I'm experiencing exactly the same issue.
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Which voicemail answers the call?  Is it your AT&T voicemail, or is it the voicemail you've set up on Google Voice?
Do you have Do not disturb enabled in your Google Voice settings?  If so, disable it.  If not, enable, then disable it.
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Hi Zanzibar,

All incoming calls fall on GV voicemail. 

Originally the "Do not disturb" was disabled. Following your advice, I've enabled and disabled it but this has not sorted my issue.
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If someone calls your cell phone directly, does the phone ring or does it get sent to Google Voice voicemail?
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hi Marc-André Chappuis,

you posted your problem 20 days before i posted my somewhat similar problem…

there are instructions provided by "Bluescat" that worked for "Scoop" but not for me… maybe the instructions of Bluescat might also work for you but it hasn't for me…

i was also experiencing other problems that i'm not certain if it has been fixed because i'm using a workaround solution that's fixed all the problems i was experiencing (including not being able to receive any calls)… though not ideal; maybe, my workaround solution might help you… i'd rather the problem get fixed instead of using a workaround solution…
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