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Last edited 4/26/19
Is Google doing away with the fine product, Google Voice, I've loved using on my PAID GSuite & free gmail account?

On my PAID GSuite account you've swept-in, giving me only 1 email with a mere 7 days to verify my number.  A number that I had $10 credit on it.  My email gets 50 new a day, and you expect me to see 1 important email from you?!   Expletive Expletive Expletive!

Giving a paying customer 1 email to alert them of the changes is ridiculous!  I could see if I were a free account.  But I'm paying for Google Business Suite & would expect at least as many emails about a business product as I did in the 6 months leading up to you getting rid of your useless Google+

Strangely enough, I'm still able to use GV on my alternative FREE gmail account..... 
But GV is pretty much gutted and useless to me on that account because contacts ringing ONLY to Hangouts.

Between disconnecting Contacts to GV, forcing us to use Hangouts to make calls from our contacts and doing away with a PAID business account Google Voice account's phone number, it seems that the fine, efficient, useful version of Google Voice is being discontinued.   

I spoke with the GSuite support folks about the horrible service, discontinuing my GV account, and they directed me to the sales page for the NEW GV for GSuite.  But why the frick would I pay you more money for a service that isn't allowing my vast (1100) contacts to connect to your GV service?   (and don't bother telling me that my contacts are all within the new GV layout because they're NOT..... I can't look-up a contact within GV & choose which number from the contact to call.... it's all very half-assed and useless.  Grrrrr.......)

Idiotic planning, prematurely doing away with my GV phone #, so even if I wanted to have your half-assed GV service, you've done away with the number which I'd been (infrequently) using that I could have upgraded to the paid service!   Now that number is gone & you've caused a paying customer stress for no reason AND lost a potential $10/$20/$30 a month I might have spent on the NEW GV service for GSuite!
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Your question was already asked and answered here:  https://support.google.com/voice/thread/3637828?msgid=4938716
We are always happy to help people solve problems, but, given your level of anger and frustration, I suggest that you may be happier using another service that may better meet your individual needs.
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I should also point out:
This forum supports the consumer version of Google Voice.  There is no direct customer support for this offering.  This is a volunteer-run forum.  The people you see here with gold or platinum badges next to their names are volunteers, donating their time to help other users.  We are not Google employees.
The consumer version of Google Voice has never been intended nor supported for business use, regardless of whether it was used on a consumer Gmail account or on a G Suite account.  It was never covered under G Suite's Service Level Agreement.  It has always been a "as-is/use at your own risk" option for business use.
You are certainly welcome to continue using this version of Google Voice on a regular Gmail account.
As to reclaiming Google Voice numbers, I realize that there may be some confusion as to what constitutes use.  Officially, "use" means that you perform one of the following activities within a six-month period:
  • Make an outbound call using the Google Voice number
  • Send a SMS using the Google Voice number
  • Answer a live call using the Google Voice number
  • Update your voicemail greeting or otherwise change Google Voice settings
All of these things prove that you are actually a live person, still using the number.  Activities such as inbound SMS messages or calls that aren't answered could be coming in on an abandoned account, so they don't count as activity (a dead person's number could still receive calls or texts).
In addition, Google may terminate the service and remove the number if the user violates its Terms of Use.
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Google voice seems to work fine on Android. What can I use in place of Google Voice on my PC?
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Ed, please stop posting the same, or similar questions, in multiple other people's discussions.  It just annoys the other posters by sending them copies of your posts.
I don't understand what you are actually complaining about.  You can use all of the features of Google Voice from a desktop/laptop computer's web browser (Google Chrome Browser or Firefox).  There is no desktop app.  Go here:  https://voice.google.com
If that doesn't answer your question, please start your own, dedicated discussion post, so we can offer you individual assistance.
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Complaining again and again here about Google replacing the consumer version of Google Voice with the new, business-class version of Google Voice, for G Suite customers is a waste of time.  The consumer version was never intended for business use.  It was never supported for business use.  It was made available on a "use at your own risk" basis.  The new GV for G Suite is a fully-supported offering with business-oriented features not available in the consumer version.  It also has 911 service.  These things cost money to provide, and so there is a monthly-charge.

f you can't figure out how to make a telephone call to one of your contacts, using the Google Voice UI, then it isn't a good fit for you.  Find another service that better meets your needs.
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BlueScat, don't bother wasting your energy repeating yourself that the Business Version through G Suite and the FREE version of Google Contacts to Google Voice is different, because they aren't.  Whether it's the FREE version, or the GSuite paid version of Google Voice, at the level of making phone calls FROM GOOGLE CONTACTS, they both work the same.  Exactly the same.  

The paid version begins being different when you need all sorts of other bells & whistles for business telephony.  But at the level of using GVoice to initiate a call, whether FREE version or PAID version, they both work exactly the same.  I've spent HOURS talking to both the general GSuite Support AND Supervisors within the GVoice area.  I know what I'm talking about.

 I've been in contact with GSuite Support, they understand the problem and have connected me with the CCC to submit the problem for developers to correct.... if they can.  Being that GVoice is a mobile app, and a desktop program, they have a lot to tweak to get the Desktop version to once again be able to look-up and connect Google Contacts in the 'Company' field.  Like you said in your prior explanations from months ago, they didn't correctly build it to call businesses from within the 'Company' field.  For B2B, that must be corrected.

I hope that through my perseverance, Google will finally fix the 'Company' field contacts so the businesses paying for a GSuite business GVoice will have a fully functioning product.
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I have a question and don't know if this is ok place to post!?:
I assume I have been using same "goole voice" you are talking about! I have an account that I use for international calls, but I also use it to forward/ring calls to my 3 other phones and I love getting messages by email... I recently switched from Verizon to google FI and suddenly lost google voice number! They told me it uses the same platform and can't give me both. Is that still true? If so, google should change it to get customers like me...
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you should always start a new post when your question has nothing to do with the question asked by the original poster.
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Thank you. I found the article, now have to decipher it! lol.
I have to learn how to post and navigate the forums. Thanks again
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@Bluescat.  I know you did. I am literally sitting here cracking up. . It wasn't the questions.  Youre responses made my day.....Hilarious.  I needed a laugh today!
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