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when people call me and i don't answer the voice mail never picks up it just drops the call.  what's up?  i've used google voice for years and had this problem one other time... what do i do?
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Let's gather some data on your case.
First, point your computer, not phone, at your History file.
Do the missed calls show up there, and if so, how are they designated?

Then, enable  Do Not Disturb and have a friend call. What happens?
Then turn Do Not Disturb back off, and have them call again. What do they hear?
  1. With a computer [not phone], please log out of all your Google accounts.
  2. Restart the browser, and go to your Legacy Google Voice page.
  3. You should see Sign in to continue to Google Voice
  4. Enter account & password.
  5. Then go to your Phones page.
  6. Do you then see the exact words Your Number on the left?
  7. If so, grab a screenshot, and then redact off
    1. the account name/email in the upper right
    2. all but the last-4 digits of your GV# in two places
    3. same on your forwarding phones: leaving only the last-4
  8. Post the image here with the paperclip.
  9. Here's a sample Phones Page.
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Hello , thank for your reply and help!  
I tried signing out of all my accounts, deleting and re- installing the app, tried with do not disturb on and off.  If DND is on it will go to VM but then I won't be getting important calls on my GV number.  with DND off if i just let it ring it will ring my cell phone on verizon, then I can tell when it forwards to GV, it will ring several more times and then it goes "da - da - da" like a dial tone but not a steady tone it's quick little bursts "da - da - da" then it hangs up.  Now if I decline the call when someone is calling my verizon number it will then forward to GV and the GV voicemail does pick up if I decline the call.  Or if someone is calling my GV number specifically it will go to voice mail correctly.  I found on google support to enter *71 then my GV number, then to  do it again with *90 and then again *92.  So I did all that but it still didn't work.  I deactivated, reactivated, removed the account from the app on my phone re-activated the app on my phone...  I've gone through everything I can muster.

So again, to clarify if someone calls my verizon number google voice mail used to pick up and allow people to leave a message.  Now it just rings and rings and hangs up.  However, if I decline the call coming into my Verizon number it will go to GV and will allow someone to leave a voicemail.  Or if I put it on DND it will allow someone to leave a message.  But I can't put it on DND because I use my GV number for business and need to get those calls.
If someone calls the GV number direct it will allow them to leave a message that way too.  Thanks for all the help!!  I'd love for this to work again...
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By the way, I forgot to say yes, all the missed calls do show in my history on google voiice on my computer.
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On the forwarding, you are better off to use the VZ online portal than the individual codes. 
[EDIT: try this URL]
The GVoice app has nothing to do with receiving calls, just placing them.
(Assuming you have VOIP off).
So lets try uninstalling the GV app on your phone, and if you have any other related apps on your phone, them as well. Then have someone call your GV#.
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I’m having the same issue in that I switch phones and now am not getting messages in GV nor am I seeing any missed calls. I receive the call but if I missed or I’m in the middle of something and can’t answer I can’t see the number calling to call back or they’re not able to leave a xvm message. What can be done if I don’t have access to my own personal laptop or desktop to make the changes you recommended to the original poster..
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