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google voice rings twice and i need more rings so that google voicemail doesn't answer so quickly
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There is no adjustment.  Google Voice will ring all of your linked forwarding phone numbers for approximately 25 seconds, and then it will give up and take the voicemail message.  You cannot change this.
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So strange. When I first had to select my number I was able to adjust the amount of rings. I would dial my # then press another that meant the amount of rings I wanted then press another number to confirm.. I just haven't been able to remember what I did βž– I guess that's no longer available either, oh well. Understood. Thank you so much for making the time to reply/helpπŸ™πŸ»
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Google Voice has never, ever had an option to set the number of rings before answering calls.  It has always been fixed at approximately 25 seconds (plus a variable few more seconds of telephone network delay).
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I used to be able to adjust the rings to shorter or longer before going to voicemail. I can't find that option either anymore.
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That's controlled by your carrier. All gvoice did was give you the dialstring that included the values that would commonly adjust those durations. Wikipedia has an entry on this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Call_forwarding
You're probably interested in the Mobile (cell) Phones section.
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Sooo.. what happened to the 'Go straight to voicemail' option under advanced settings? My phone now rings 11 times before GV picks up. Waaaay to long, most people including me will just hang up.  Is it a verizon or driod thing? Can verizon settings be changed? HELP!
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Vince, yes, it's a "Verizon thing".  Well, to be fair, it is some undetermined problem with the way Verizon identifies calls forwarded back to your Google Voice number, that is causing Google Voice to go into a loop.  It happens on my Verizon Wireless number, too.

If you are interested in documenting sample calls that fail this way, you can start your own, dedicated discussion thread, and I will take another run at it with Google.  Sadly, this problem has been around for several years, but I'm seeing enough new reports that it's worth escalating back to Google.  Thanks.
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Thanks for the quick reply! For me, it seems to be a recent thing, like within the past 30 days. How would I go about documenting as you suggested? Is there Amy benefit to reaching out to Verizon as well?
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Well, not to clog up this thread with unrelated information, but if you'd open your own new post, Google would need several (3 should do) examples wherein some unrelated phone number calls your VZW mobile number, and rather than the expected behavior, which is that VZW should forward busy or unanswered calls back to your Google Voice number, which should immediately take the message, the caller hears your VZW number ring, then it forwards to your Google Voice number, which rings some more, and eventually, it goes to your GV VM.

Post from the same Gmail account that holds your Google Voice number.  Include:
  1. The date, time, timezone carrier name and last four digits of the phone numbers that called your VZW number.  Do this for calls from three different numbers, preferably on different mobile or land line carriers.
  2. Post the last four digits of your GV number and your VZW number.
  3. Describe exactly what happens.
  4. Give your explicit approval for Google Voice engineering to look at your account details.
  5. Give some obvious title to your discussion, like Verizon Wireless to Google Voice forwarding problem, and include "For Bluescat" in the title so I'll see it.
Last edited 4/30/19
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i would also like to adjust the ring. I have calls going to my mobile and home phone.  Where does voicemail go ?  To GVoice or to my cell?  it's a bit unclear.
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I have had T-Mobile for years, and this same problem has developed for me in the past few weeks. A call to my T-Mobile number now rings for about 25 seconds, then rings for another 25 seconds (I assume the call was transferred to my Google Voice number), and then is answered by my Google Voicemail.  This is happening for all calls to my T Mobile number that I do not answer. Thank you!
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3 days
I have the same issue as Tom J using the Ting carrier (on the sprint network)
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6 hr
I have what might be the opposite problem:  I only give out my Google Voice number, but often my VZW phone will only ring twice before going to GV voicemail -- although the callers will tell me that from their end, it rang many times.  What's going on?
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