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The 0, *, # keys are now missing from my number dial pad. How do I get them back? 0 Recommended Answers 26 Replies 33 Upvotes
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I am unaware of why this issue just recently started a couple weeks ago.  I need those dial pad buttons back so that I can enter extensions and select 0 for operator on certain calls!
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Hi Daniella:
Welcome to the forum.
WHAT keypad?  WHERE?  Please provide more details.  For example, are you using the Google Voice website to place a call?  https://voice.google.com/calls  Are you using the Android or iOS app?  Is this the regular keypad on your mobile phone, or the keypad within the Google Voice app, or what?
If this is on a laptop or desktop computer's web browser, and the bottom of the keypad is cut off, then your computer's display resolution is probably set wrong, to a lower resolution, which prevents the full screen from displaying.
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It's when I am using a laptop and I want to make a call. When I click make a call and dial the phone number, the dial pad with the numbers only has 1-9
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Use a laptop or desktop computer, running Google Chrome Browser or Firefox (the only two browsers that are supported at this time).  Go here:  https://voice.google.com/calls

Click "Make a call"

Click either one of your suggested contacts (the round bubbles with names next to them), or click the keypad icon:

The keypad will pop up.  It looks like this:

If you don't see a keypad that looks exactly like that, then check your computer's display resolution.  Each computer's display (monitor) and graphics hardware have a default resolution, which is the native number of pixels it is designed to display.  For example, 1280x720, or 1140x1080, etc.  Pick the resolution labeled "native" or "default".  See if the browser now displays all the information.  You can also experiment by pressing Ctrl and - to make the displayed stuff smaller or Ctrl + to make it larger.

If that doesn't resolve your issue, then please post a screenshot of what you are seeing.
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In the iOS app, I have not figured out how to dial the plus sign (+) for international calls from the numeric keypad.  In older versions of the app one could press and hold the zero button, but the functionality seems to have gone away.  Instead, one needs to switch to the full keyboard to dial the plus.

Is there a trick foe getting the plus sign from the numeric pad?
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Same here, using the Android App. I can only see 1-9, so I can't dial to anyone whose number has a 0 in it..
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It has to do with your screen font size settings. On my Android app, anything larger than 'regular' font size on system settings results on the last row (#, 0, *) missing from the dialpad. And, to add insult to injury, the same thing happens on my Win8 laptop when using Voice's web interface on Chrome: I have the font size settings larger than normal and the dialpad shows only the first column!
Pretty crappy from GV developers (I'm a developer myself), considering that the Android developer guidelines emphasize that GUIs must adapt to different screen settings and configurations (https://developer.android.com/design)

Hope someone at GV actually reads these forums and roll out a fix soon.. :)

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I have a Moto X4 and this is what it shows on the Google Voice app when trying to make a call: 
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Hi folks:  thanks for reporting this.

I tried to duplicate this problem by setting my Android phone's fonts larger, in stages, up to the largest setting ("Huge").  My phone still displays the bottom row of keys.

If you think this is a font sizing issue, please go to your Android phone's settings, in the "Display" section, and try setting the font size to "Medium".  That will at least confirm or eliminate this as the root cause.

If your phone has a screen magnification app or setting, you should revert it back to the default size, again, for troubleshooting purposes.

I reported this to Google Voice engineering, but we need bug reports.  If you indeed have this issue on the Android Google Voice app (not the website), then please click the "Feedback" link in the app to report the problem.  Google Voice engineering receives these reports, and they use them to diagnose problems.

Last edited 4/11/19
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I am having the same issue on my laptop (I don't have a cell phone). I changed my font size and that worked last time, but now the issue is back and I can't fix it by changing the display size on my screen. It's a realllllly big issue for choosing menu options.
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4 days
If it helps you can just hold shift + 3 to enter in a # sign
Last edited 4 days ago
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