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Why can't I buy credit for my google voice number? 0 Recommended Answers 8 Replies 58 Upvotes
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When I tried to pay for credit via the web, it always indicates failer, the failer messager is "OR-HDT-01", even though I have tried and bound two credit cards and I am sure all of them is available currently. Could you help to check and solve this issue? that's very appreciated.
For quick settlement, I wanna share some information that I have done.
1I am sure that I take the right steps as the introduction in https://productforums.google.com/d/msg/voice/smQP-NT_Csg/4zrbgIfhBgAJ
2and I am sure I have a google voice number that I have used to call
3the account is this one I used to this post
4i tried buy credit via https://voice.google.com
5i used different browsers as Chrome and Safari and all failed
6I have added two credit cards to pay but all failed.
7I tried to buy $10.00
8I have updated the billing address but it still doesn't work.
Thanks for your all support in advance.
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Hi Johnny Eecker
Items to review, in no particular order:
1] If you use your Google Payments profile, then go to Google Payments Center and make sure you are signed into the same account that you use for Google Voice.
Validate your profile and payment methods, and delete and add back any payments cards just in case they are not correctly setup in the system.
Make sure your home address is not a PO Box, though the credit card billing address can be whatever matches your bank.
Then go back to https://voice.google.com/settings#payments and try again.
2] Another thing that you should review:
  1. Log into your Google Voice account from a laptop or desktop computer, not from a mobile device, and go here:  https://voice.google.com/settings
  2. Click the left-side menu icon (the "hamburger" icon), scroll down and click "Legacy Google Voice".  
  3. On the Legacy page, click the gear icon in the upper right corner, then click "Settings".  
  4. On the Settings page, click the "Billing" tab, then click the "Change currency" button and set the country to the USA. (or whichever country matches your payment method).  
3] Some other things to review:
  • Check your email (also spam) to make sure you never got notified from Google Payments about an issue
4] Have you tried another browser or incognito mode? You could clear web browser cache and try again :      If you do clear the following:  
Cookies and other site data  
Cached images and files  
Content settings  
Hosted app data  
Media licenses  
5] I suggest you also review the following pages: 
6] Using a VPN, or custom firmware or root access can also sometimes cause issues.
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I have tried as your help and advice, but it still cannot work, i am so upset...
Why is this function so complicated now that the test charge have passed from my credit cards.
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it has happened to me as well. they seems cheater just to take money from credit card too. shame on this google voice how they steal money from innocent people.
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I've had this issue for about a month now as well, Support keeps bouncing me between Pay and Play and Voice without ever resolving the issue despite half a dozen "happy to confirm that the issue you reported is now resolved" emails.  Seems like they don't want our money anymore, RIP dead service.
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Great work here
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I'm trying my best to get the hang of it
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Google user
My text messages were deleted and my location history was since March 2016
Last edited 5/7/19
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لفه عربية
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