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 I placed an International call to India thru Google Voice and wanted to add another person to my call (Conference call)who is also in India. Google Voice allowed me to do it(add call feature). We had a long nice chat. After a couple of days, to my horror, I got an alert from Verizon and I had incurred $268.92 for international dialing. Then when i went and looked at the call records, I realized that Google voice routed my second call through my regular phone plan and there wasn't even a single message as a warning that it is being routed outside of google voice. 
Google voice shouldn't allow call merging if it cannot route it through itself or should give a warning or a message or something to say that the second call is being routed outside of google voice. I feel it is a bug and should be resolved. Please help me pay this huge bill!! These huge bills are the very reason that made me get Google voice. HELP!!!!!
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Hi Pratibha Marathe, thanks for posting in the Google Voice forum
I suggest you review the following page: 
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*** Addendum 2 September 2019 ***

As of this date it is no longer possible to use Google Hangouts to make Conference Calls


Google Hangouts still allows multiple outgoing conference style calls but this service will disappear in on or after June, 2020, when the current, separately available Hangouts app disappears from the free "consumer version" of Google Voice. (Note: the functionality of Hangouts is currently built-in to the new Google Voice app but it doesn't show the name "Hangouts" nor any name)
John of Lower Merion 08/25/2017 in-thread post (scroll down to)

"You still can make outgoing conference calls (9-way calling) with Hangouts if you use the original version of Hangouts.

If you use Hangouts, you can actually place outgoing calls that include up to nine participants in one grand conference style Hangout. Unlike Google Voice where your participants have to dial your Google number, with Hangouts, you dial out to the people you want to "conference" relieving them of the burden of dialing your number. For participants using a traditional landline telephone, you save them long distance fees because you're calling them with your Google number in Hangouts and they receive an incoming call, typically free to traditional telephone subscribers.

https://hangouts.google.com/  (new version for video and audio Hangouts)

Addendum 31 August 2016

During the second half of July, 2016, Google removed the link to return to the original version of Hangouts, making outgoing conference calling with Hangouts impossible from the new Hangouts User Interface (UI).

You can still access the "original version" of Google Hangouts if you use this link:  http://g.co/hangouts     🡸

Save this link for future use.

source: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!category-topic/hangouts/call-a-phone-from-hangouts/NB_tJ7K92gM    [ t h i s   l i n k   n o   l o n g e r   w o r k s ]

Detailed Dialing Instructions
(multiple outgoing conference calling, original Hangouts version)

1. Go to http://g.co/hangouts  and select the 10 dots arranged like a telephone keypad (3x3x3x1 at the right side)
2. type a phone number in the box that appears, or type a name to select from your Google Contacts.
3. press the     CALL      "button" to call the first participant
4. To call subsequent participants, click the white Invite People "head and shoulders" (with plus sign + ) silhouette near the top of the screen to open the phone number box as in step 2 above.
✦ Repeat steps 2 and 3 to include additional conference style participants
    NOTE:    If the input box only accepts e-mail addresses, you'll see ten dots arranged 3x3x3x1 (on the right) that opens a box to enter telephone numbers."
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