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Known Issues

Voicemail and SMS

SMS from application providers (e.g. Skype, Bank of America, etc.) are not working.

This problem is caused by an issue with SMS interoperability, not Google Voice specifically. However, we're looking into it and appreciate your patience.


Outbound Google Voice calls on T-Mobile Android

An issue is preventing T-Mobile users on some Android phones from making outbound calls through Google Voice. We believe this has to do with a recent system update which is preventing some devices from placing calls through certain applications (including Google Voice). We're currently working to get to the root cause of the issue.

If you don't hear "This call is being placed by Google" on an international or other paid call, your call will be connected through your carrier. This may cause unexpected charges, and will display your carrier phone number to the recipient.

Make calls on the Google Voice website

If your device is impacted by this issue, make calls from the Google Voice website. Your calls placed from the website will use Google Voice's international rates and will display your Google Voice phone number to the recipient.

  1. Open Google Voice.
  2. At the top left, click Call.
  3. In the box under "Number to call," type a contact’s name or phone number.
  4. In the box under "Phone to call with," click the dropdown to choose which phone you want to use for the call. If you want to Google Voice to remember your choice for the future, click the checkbox next to "Remember my choice."
  5. Click Connect. Google Voice will call you at that forwarding phone and connect you to the number you dialed.

Ongoing updates to this issue

To read more up-to-date information about this issue, visit this thread on the Google Voice Product Forum.

Charged for a call that didn't connect

A few users have reported being charged for calls that don't connect. We are working hard to resolve this issue. In the meantime you can request credit for problem calls by clicking here

You will need to be signed in with the Google Account associated with your Google Voice Account to see the calls eligible for credit requests. The eligible calls listed will be recent international calls under a certain time duration.


Google Voice on Sprint

Ineligibility for Google Voice on Sprint

Please note that Google Voice on Sprint is not available for the following types of users:

  • Users who are behind on their phone bill. Please check with Sprint to remedy this.
  • Users who have a corporate number or landline number. Currently, we don't offer the ability to integrate corporate or landline phone numbers.
  • Users who are not using a Sprint-branded mobile phone. Nextel, PowerSource, corporate, and pre-paid phones are not compatible with Google Voice.
  • Users who tried to sign up during a time when we were in a 'maintenance window'. Please try again in 24 hours. If you try again and are still unable to integrate your number, it is likely because of the previously mentioned reasons.
  • Call tones (a feature that plays a customized sound or music when a particular caller reaches your Sprint number) is enabled. Please contact Sprint Customer Support to remove this feature, as it should make your account eligible provided you do not also meet other criteria for ineligibility.
  • Call blocking (a feature that blocks unknown or private numbers from reaching your Sprint number) is enabled on your phone. If you have this feature enabled (contact Sprint Customer Support to check if this is the case), contact Sprint Customer Care to remove this feature if you wish to use Google Voice on Sprint. Please note that Google Voice provides call blocking and call screening services that could address your concerns in the same way that Sprint's call blocking does. Learn More.
  • Users whose accounts are on seasonal standby. Customers who have placed their account on a seasonal standby hold are not able to integrate until it has been removed
  • Users who have a phone reported as lost or stolen. You will not be able to integrate until it’s no longer marked as such. Please contact Sprint Customer Care.

Sprint is working to address an issue in which customer accounts with a "public sector" or "government" discount (i.e. teacher, firemen, military, government agency, etc.) are considered ineligible. If this best describes you and you pay for and are responsible for your own bill, Sprint hopes to make Google Voice on Sprint available for you in the future.

We will post any relevant updates on this page, and greatly appreciate your patience.

Setting up Google Voice numbers with Sprint

When setting up a Google Voice number with a Sprint forwarding number, you might hear the "Oops, I didn't get that" error message after you enter your verification code or experience other issues during setup. This might be because your Sprint forwarding number has Wi-Fi calling turned on.

  1. Call Sprint's support number and ask a representative to remove Wi-Fi calling from your account settings. You'll need to call Sprint, because making this change in your device's settings will not solve this issue.
  2. Wait until the change takes effect. This usually happens immediately, but might take a few minutes depending on how soon Sprint makes the change.
  3. Open Google Voice, and try setting up your Google Voice number again.

Google Voice conflicts with Sprint Total Equipment Protection App

Sprint customers who have the Sprint Total Equipment Protection App enabled and who have disabled SMS forwarding to their native Sprint phone, should re-enable it in order to receive text messages. To re-enable SMS forwarding please sign into your Google Voice account, click Edit under your mobile phone number, and select the checkbox next to Receive text messages on this phone.

Text messages through Hangouts for Google Voice on Sprint

If you're using Google Voice on your Sprint phone, you shouldn't turn on text messages and voicemails in Hangouts. This will cause problems with your text messages.

If you've already turned on text messages and voicemails in Hangouts, you can turn them off.

For Google Voice on Sprint phone users, you can continue to use Hangouts as your default text-messaging app. But you can't receive your voicemails through Hangouts.

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Account Transfer

Transferring your Google Voice number to another account

We are pleased to announce that we have launched a new process for transferring your Google Voice Account from one Google Account to another. However, please note that this is an irreversible transfer in which your subscriber information will be deleted (texts, voicemail, call history, etc.) upon the account transfer. Take extreme care in filling out the contact form. Things to consider:

  1. With transferring your Google Voice account from one Google Account to another, you MUST correctly enter your "original" Google Account, e.g. the one with which your Google Voice number is CURRENTLY associated with, and your "destination" Google Account, which is the account to which you would like to move your Google Voice number.
  2. If you have a Google Voice account on BOTH Google Accounts, please note that when you make this transfer, one Google Voice account will REPLACE the other, so be sure to enter your "original" and "destination" accounts properly on the contact form. ***Also, if your PIN number is the same on both Google Voice accounts, you will need to change one PIN to make it distinctive from the other. If you do not have two distinctive PINs and have a Google Voice account on both Google Accounts, the account transfer will not complete. Learn how to change your PIN

You can begin the transfer process by visiting this page.