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Calling all beta testers: Try out Wi-Fi calling with Google Voice!

Hello Google Voice users,

Be the first to try out calling over Wi-Fi and mobile data directly from the Google Voice apps!

Wi-Fi calling lets you:

  • Reduce roaming charges when you’re on the go

  • Keep in touch even when you have poor cell service

  • Make calls from any device, not just your phone

Supported platforms: Android & Web. iOS support coming soon!

How to sign up

  1. Fill out this form

  2. Update your Google Voice app

  3. You’ll receive an email with additional instructions when Wi-Fi calling is available

  4. Make calls!

  5. Submit feedback when prompted

Known Issues

  • You won’t be able to use incoming call options (call recording & call transfer) when you enable calling over Wi-Fi and mobile data

  • On your computer, Wi-Fi calling only work with Chrome. Support for Firefox, Safari and Edge coming soon!

  • Android bluetooth support:

    • You won't be able to use the buttons on your bluetooth device to answer calls or hang up

    • Unable to use earpiece mode when a bluetooth device is paired

    • Depending on your Android version, your calls might drop if you try to switch between Bluetooth and speakerphone.

Submitting Feedback

  • Call quality: When you see the prompt after each call, please rate your call quality.

  • General feedback: Use the in-app feedback option (Menu > Help & feedback > Send feedback)


I filled out the form, but I don’t see the in-app banner to enable Wi-Fi calling. How do I activate the beta?

If you didn’t see the in-app banner after signing up, or you accidentally dismissed it, you can turn on Wi-Fi calling in Settings. If you don’t see the settings to turn on Wi-Fi calling, fill out the sign up form again and make sure you are using the latest version of the Google Voice app.

I use Hangouts to make calls over Wi-Fi and mobile data. Can I still opt in to the beta?

Yes, you can still opt in to the beta.  However, we recommend turning off incoming phone calls in Hangouts so your devices don’t ring twice when you receive a call.

On Android, can I use the phone app to make calls over Wi-Fi and mobile data with my Google Voice number?

No, calls started from the phone app will only use your carrier minutes. To make calls over Wi-Fi and mobile data, turn on Wi-Fi calling in Google Voice settings, then make the call from the Google Voice app.

How much data to Wi-Fi calls use?

Calls use approximately 0.2 MB of data per minute. Data usage may vary depending on available bandwidth and network quality.

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Joey Luu
Joey Luu
Unable to receive incoming calls over WiFi / data. Is it supposed to ring in app? If so, it's not working like it should in Hangouts.
Thats the least of its issues. They also removed the ability to call from any other app (like contacts or dialer). And a month from now they will claim it never did. Strange this thread is now unlocked. Stick with hangouts and hope they do not migrate it to enterprise.
GS7, google voice wifi calling, screen not turning off while on call, any ideas?
    This wifi GV works very well for me now.  
    This month, I traveled in Europe, and out of desparation, I started using this option again.  Wonderful.  Wifi GV works well when I call my family in the US from Sweden, Poland, Begium, ...   
    Highly recommend to others
How can you opt-out of the beta?  The known issues listed in the email are not acceptable for me.  I use my Obihai all the time, and don't want to lose the incoming call options. Thanks!
198 MORE
The same consumer-targeted Google Voice service is still available, and is not being shut down.  I have no idea why you saw something that said you had to be a G Suite customer; that's incorrect.
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