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Please read: Users who have recently ported numbers out of Google Voice

For users who have ported out their Google Voice number:

Some users have been reporting issues with numbers they've previously ported out of Google Voice, such as sending and/or receiving SMS/MMS from various carriers.

If you believe you're affected by any of these issues listed above, please verify that it's been over 3 business days since you ported your number out of Google Voice. Once you've done this, please be sure to take the following steps:

1. Post on this thread from the account which the number in question was attached to
2. Please attach the last four digits of the ported out number (e.g. XXX-XXX-1234), and include the carrier you've ported to (e.g. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc)
3. Give a description of the problem, and include as many details as possible, including:
date(s), time(s), timezone(s) and the last four digits and carrier of the numbers unable to reach you (e.g. XXX-XXX-1234 Sprint), whether you're unable to receive SMS from specific carrier(s) or all carriers but your new carrier which you've ported to.
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Hi Jonathan,
I'm still unable to receive texts from anyone outside the Sprint network.
The last four digits of the number in question are 5006. I've ported to Sprint about 7 days ago.
Basically I've not been receiving any texts or Pictures from anyone outside the Sprint network since the Port. We've tried everything on sprints end to resolve the issue. I'm using an iPhone 4s.
Thanks Jonathan!
Dear Jonathan,

I successfully ported google voice number xxx-xxx-1730 away from Google to T-Mobile a week ago, but can't add it to another GV account as a phone, error message "Cannot Add Google Voice Number as Forwarding Phone". Would you please remove this number from GV number database please? My life is miserable because of this glitch. Thank you so very much!

PS: the phone # is still listed under old GV account, never received email from Google about porting success.
NYMichael Chen
NYMichael Chen
I have one odd issue: when calling from GMail "Call Phone" (part of the Chat feature in Web GMail), it just rings once (from calling side) and then the call terminated immediately; the called number (the one I ported out from this account 646-xxx-8558) didn't ring at all. This is easy to replicate, all you need to do is call my number 646-xxx-8558 from your gmail.

Could you please take a look? It looks to me the call terminated at GV side. If you need more information, please send a message to my gmail and we can do some troubleshooting together.

Thank you.

I am still not getting texts from some carriers.  I ported my number ending in 8153 out to Verizon on 12/4, or somewhere around that date.  I've confirmed that I cannot get texts from GV, AT&T and Sprint.  Texts from Verizon seem to work fine.

Thanks for helping with this problem.

My phone still does not get incoming text messages from other Google Voice users. I ported my phone a week ago (12/6, completed on 12/8) to Verizon, and everything works except for this one feature.

My number: XXX-XXX-6799 (to Verizon)

I'm only not able to receive text messages from Google Voice users. This was attempted today some time between 5:30 and 7 PM from another Google Voice user to my ported phone number.

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Google user
Google user

We encourage you to review our Help Center content regarding porting out your number: http://support.google.com/voice/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1316844

For now, we are closing this thread as it has become too long and crowded for other forum users to glean information from.  If you are still experiencing port out issues, we encourage you to:

1. Wait 5-7 business days (depending on your carrier) to have all services transferred - this is not dependent on Google, but rather underlying carriers. 
2. Review our Help Center content for troubleshooting information: http://support.google.com/voice/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1316844
3. Contact your carrier to resolve any issues. 

If you wish to continue a conversation in the forum about these issues, please see this new thread, and be sure to include the requested information:

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