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You can change a number of Google Voice settings, including which services you want to use on your phone and how you want to be notified of new messages.

To change all Google Voice settings except which voicemail service to use, open your Google Voice Inbox and touch Menu > Settings.

To change which voicemail service to use, use the Settings application on your phone.

General Settings

Making calls
Opens a dialog where you can configure whether to use Google Voice to make some or all phone calls, as described in Configuring Google Voice.

This phone’s number
Opens a dialog where you change or add your phone’s phone number to work with Google Voice.

Voicemail playback
Opens a dialog where you can configure your voicemail to play via your phone’s earpiece or speaker by default.

Sign out
Touch to stop using any Google Voice services on your phone and to resume using your mobile carrier’s voicemail service and your phone’s number as its caller ID. The next time you start Google Voice, the wizard prompts you to configure it again. See Configuring Google Voice.

Legal information
Touch to open a screen where you can read about the Google Voice terms of service, privacy policy, program policy, and other important legal information.

My Google Voice number
Displays the Google Voice number you have configured to use for making and receiving calls on this phone.

Build number
The version of Google Voice installed on your phone.

Sync and notifications settings

Synchronize inbox
Check to receive notifications from Google Voice as soon as new messages arrive in your Inbox. You must have background data checked in the Accounts & Sync settings to use this feature (see Accounts & sync settings).

Background data
Touch to open the Accounts & Sync settings.

Notifications via text message
Check to receive a notification in the Status bar whenever you receive a new message in your Google Voice Inbox. (Don’t check both this feature and the Synchronize Inbox feature, or you will receive two notifications for each new message.)

Inbox notifications
Check to receive notifications for new messages.

Select ringtone
Select a ringtone to sound when you receive a notification from Google Voice.

The phone vibrates when you receive a notification from Google Voice.

The Trackball flashes when you receive a notification from Google Voice.

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