Label and star messages

You can view a list of the messages that have the same label, such as Voicemail, Text, Placed, Received, and so on.

To view messages by label:

The label view resembles your Inbox, but the label replaces “Inbox” in the title bar. You work with labeled conversation lists in the same way that you work with your Inbox.


You can star voicemail and text messages to make them easy to keep track of.

Star a message

While viewing a list of messages in your Inbox or other folder, touch a message’s star. The star turns gold .

To unstar a message, touch its star again.

View your starred messages

You can open a label that contains just your starred messages.

A folder opens with a list of your starred messages.

  1. From your Inbox or label, touch Menu > Labels.
  2. Touch a label to view a folder containing the messages with that label.
    1. From your Inbox or label, touch Menu > Labels.
    2. Touch Starred.

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