About Google Voice on Other Devices

In addition to the downloadable Android and iPhone Google Voice applications, the Google Voice Mobile site gives you access to all the core features right from your mobile browser. Just type 'www.google.com/voice/m' on any web-enabled mobile phone and get started:

  • Play and manage all your voicemail messages (forward, reply, flag, delete, mark as spam, block, and more)
  • View your contacts
  • Change your main settings (custom voicemails, selective ringing, and notifications)
  • Place calls displaying your Google number

To listen to your messages, you'll need a mobile phone that can play MP3 files.

The Google Voice Mobile site is currently optimized for most widely available phones.

Note: When using the mobile application to place international calls you should hear a cost prompt which lets you know that the call is going through Google Voice. You should hear the prompt for every international call. If you don't hear the prompt, your calling is not being routed through Google Voice, and may be subject to charges from your carrier.