Using the Google Voice Android app on Sprint

NOTE: You must sign out of the app and sign back in for the Sprint-specific settings to take place. If you're seeing the "Calling via Google Voice" message at the top of your calls, your app is still using old settings.

Follow these steps to sign out:

  1. Open the Google Voice Android app.
  2. Press Menu, then More, then Settings.
  3. Press Sign out.

Once you've signed out, open the app again and complete the sign in flow to trigger the Sprint-specific settings.


You can use the Google Voice Android app if you use your Sprint number with Google Voice, or if you replace your Sprint number with your Google Voice number. Detailed instructions on using the Android app are available here.

There are a couple of key differences when using the app on Sprint versus other carriers:

  • Under Settings, there will no longer be a dialog where you have to choose whether to use Google Voice to make some or all phone calls. All of your domestic and international calls will automatically be placed through Google Voice.
  • Additionally, since all calls automatically go through Google Voice, you won't see the message on the call screen indicating that the call has been placed through Google Voice.