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I can’t log in to my Google Voice account.

For all questions regarding account access issues (password recovery, account hijacking, etc.), please visit the Google Accounts Help Center, as it contains extensive help resources and ways to contact Google regarding your issue. Please visit the Google Accounts Help Center.

Why doesn’t MMS show up in my Google Voice inbox?

MMS is currently not supported by Google Voice, so MMS sent from your Sprint phone will always display your Sprint mobile number and won't display in your Google Voice inbox.

I tried signing up for Google Voice with Sprint but, my phone number is ineligible. Why isn’t my telephone number eligible?

If your telephone number isn't eligible for integration, it's because of one of the following reasons:

  1. You're behind on your Sprint phone bill. Please check with Sprint.
  2. The phone number you're trying to integrate is a corporate number or a landline number. Currently, we don't offer the ability to integrate corporate or landline phone numbers.
  3. You're not using a Sprint branded mobile phone. Nextel, PowerSource, corporate, and pre-paid phones aren't compatible with Google Voice.
  4. We were in a 'maintenance window' during the time you tried to sign up. Please try again in 24 hours. If you try again and are still unable to integrate your number, it’s likely the result of one of the other listed reasons.

For all other issues please take a look at our Google Voice Help Center.

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