Getting Your Account Ready to Use

Now that you've set up Google Voice on your Sprint phone, there are a few important steps you should take to get your account in good shape.

  1. Set up your Voicemail: Any messages currently on your Sprint phone will be deleted after setup. Please make sure you have listened to all your messages before setup is complete. Also, your Sprint voicemail no longer works. So, you’ll have to record a new voicemail greeting with Google Voice. You can do this by going to your settings, clicking the Voicemail tab, and clicking Use phone to record a new greeting.
  2. Add a forwarding phone: Choose the phones you want to ring when someone calls your Google Voice number or your Sprint mobile number. To do this go to your Voice Settings, click the Phones tab, click Add another phone, and when you're done click Save. You can also set up ring schedules to decide which phones ring and when.
  3. Check out our Google Voice feature videos: Want to learn more about all of the cool features you now have? Check out our feature videos.