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Call quality

Google Voice works with regulated telephone carriers to connect your phone calls. We do extensive testing and monitoring of call quality with all of our carriers. Receiving or placing calls through Google Voice should not affect your call quality or reception. You should continue to get the same quality of calls that you currently get when using your underlying phones.

It's possible that you might experience poor call quality when using Google Voice to make calls, including things like difficulty hearing the other caller, an echo, static, delays in speech, strange tones or noise on the line, or problems connecting to your caller. Keep in mind, though, that these problems can be caused by a poor network connection on your mobile phone, or a problem with your home or work line.

If however, you do notice that you've been experiencing poor quality only when using Google Voice that don't seem related to your underlying phone's network connection or a problem with your home or work phones, you can rate call quality for Google Voice calls.

Rate your Calls

In your History, Received, and Placed labels, you can rate the quality of your placed and received calls. Select '✓' for calls with good quality. Select 'X' for bad call quality and select the issue you experienced during the call from the drop-down menu that appears.

Rate call quality

If you have experienced poor call quality on a charged international call and would like to request credit for the call, please use our call credit system to report the problem and request credit for specific calls.

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