Review all holds for your organization

In Vault, you can review the organizational units, users, and groups that are on hold across all matters. Because holds take precedence over default and custom retention rules, this view can help you understand which data isn’t subject to your normal data governance policies.

Review holds

Note: To access this information, you must have the Manage Audits privilege.

  1. Sign in to
  2. In the left navigation, click Reports.
  3. Click the tab for the type of holds you want to review:
    • Domain Holds—See a list of holds that apply to an organizational unit.
    • User Holds—See a list of user accounts with data on hold.
    • Group Holds—See a list of groups with data on hold.

Note: A name in red with a line through it means that the user's Vault license was removed. Contact your Google Workspace administrator to reassign this user a Vault license.

Work with holds tables

To sort a table, click the column header. You can also search the table.

To download a CSV file of the data, click Download CSV. Note: Filters you apply to the table don't limit what data is downloaded. When you download data, you download all data in the table.

To get more information about a hold, user, or group, click a row.

  • For domain holds, this action opens the hold in the matter.
  • For user holds, this action opens a table that lists the holds on the user's data.
  • For groups holds, this action opens a table that lists the holds on the group's data.

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