Vault for Google Sites

Guide for Beta testers

This Beta release enables search and export for new Google Sites. You can search the content of sites and export the results for further analysis.

We appreciate you helping us test these features and encourage you to send feedback.


  • Vault supports new Sites only. Classic Sites aren't supported.
  • You can't place holds on or set retention for new Sites. We'll add these features in a future release.

Search, preview, and export Sites

Because Google Sites files are stored in Drive, you use Vault's interface with Drive to find Sites data. Learn more about using Vault to search Drive.

Search for Sites

  1. Sign in to Vault.
  2. Create a new matter or click on an existing matter.
  3. Click Search in the left pane, and then click Drive as the type of data to search.
  4. Choose a Source:
    • All data—Search all data in your organization.
    • Held data—Search all data on hold for the matter.
  5. (Optional) Search for sites when you don't know their URLs:
    1. Choose a search method:
      • Specific accounts—Enter accounts to find sites owned by specific people in your organization.
      • Organizational unit—Choose an organizational unit to search sites owned by users in that unit.
      • Shared Drives—Search sites stored in shared drives.
    2. Enter type:site to search only Google Sites files (and filter out any other Drive results).
  6. (Optional) Search for sites when you have their URLs but don't know who owns them:

    • Choose Sites as the search method.
    • Click Find sites.
    • Paste URLs with the following format:

      Tip: To search by URL, your account must have the manage search privilege for your entire domain.

    • Verify Vault has located the sites you're searching for, and then click Find.
  7. (Optional) Enter dates and choose a time zone.
  8. (Optional) Use Terms to further restrict the scope of your search for sites.
  9. Click Search.

Preview and export Sites

Previewing and exporting sites data is similar to other file types in Drive:

  • When you preview a site, all pages are displayed in a single document. The home page is at the beginning of the file, and you can scroll down to see the rest of the site.
  • When you export, all sites that match your search criteria are compressed into a single ZIP file that contains one PDF for each page. File names within the ZIP file use the following format:
    • site-name_page-name_site-id-page-id.pdf
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