Vault retention FAQ

If I am an existing G Suite customer and I enable Vault, will my retention rules apply to existing content?

Yes. Retention rules affect all supported data types, existing and newly created.

Are retention periods in Vault static, or can they be extended or shortened?

Retention periods can be changed by adjusting the period of the retention rule. If data is subject to multiple rules with different retention periods, it will be retained based on the rule with the longest duration.

Does Vault save data sent to a Google Group?

Yes, you can create retention rules for Google Groups.

If I create retention rules in Vault, should I also use email and chat auto-deletion in the Google Admin console?

No. If you create retention rules with Vault, a G Suite administrator should disable email and chat auto-deletion in the Google Admin console.

How are email conversation threads retained?
  • If one email in a thread is retained, the entire thread is also retained.
  • If one email in a thread is subject to being expunged, only that email will be expunged.
  • Search results show only one email per thread. To view the entire thread, click the message.
  • The "conversation view" setting in user's account has no effect on these behaviors.
How do labels affect retention?

When you apply a label in Gmail, the label is applied only to messages already in that conversation. Future messages in that conversation are not automatically labeled. If a label-based custom retention rule applies to a message in a conversation, the rule retains all messages in that conversation until the date that the last labeled email is to be removed from the user’s mailbox. Replies to the last labeled message do not extend the retention period for that conversation. Learn more.

Can I use retention rules to preserve files stored in Google Drive?

Yes, you can create retention rules for files in users' Drives and for files in Team Drives.

How do retention rules affect draft messages?

Vault treats undeleted draft messages just like every other message. If you create a default or custom retention rule, undeleted draft messages in your domain are also retained by the rule. You can choose Exclude drafts when creating a retention rule, and that rule will not affect draft messages.

If a draft is deleted without being sent, it is expunged 30 days later regardless of retention policies or holds.

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