About canceling Vault

If you cancel Google Vault, your data is affected as follows:

  • All retention rules and holds are disabled—Without the protection of retention rules and holds, messages and files that users deleted more than 30 days ago are immediately removed from all Google systems. They can't be recovered.
  • Your Vault settings is deleted—Thirty days after you cancel Vault, all retention rules, matters, and holds are deleted. Should you decide to buy Vault again after 30 days have elapsed, you must configure it as if you were a new customer.
  • Your Vault audit data is deleted—The actions taken by Vault users, such as searches they’ve performed and retention rules they’ve set, are recorded for audit purposes. Your audit data is deleted approximately 30 days after you cancel Vault.

Before you cancel Vault

If you decide to cancel Vault, take the following precautions to avoid data loss:

  • Export your organization’s important email data. Depending on your needs, you may want to:
    • Export all of the email in your domain’s Vault archive.
    • Export only emails that have been deleted by users. Use the label:^deleted operator when you search email data.
    • Restore the exported message data back to Gmail. Note that doing so restores deleted messages back to your users’ inboxes.
  • Export your domain's audit data.

In addition to exporting your data from Vault, determine if you need to implement email retention for your organization.

Return to Vault

If you return to Vault before 30 days, you'll ensure that:

  • All of your Vault settings are preserved.
  • Your organization’s Vault audit data is preserved.
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