G Suite Basic: assign Vault licenses

Each user whose data you want to search, hold, export, or retain in Vault must have a Vault license. Vault licenses can be assigned to individual users or organizational units (partial-domain licensing), or to all users in a domain (full-domain licensing).

If your organization uses G Suite Enterprise, Business, Education, or Drive Enterprise edition, all of your users are fully licensed in Vault. If your organization transitioned from Postini to Vault, see also Assign Vault Former Employee licenses.

To determine who needs a license, a Vault administrator must consult with people in the organization who understand its business and legal requirements. The Vault administrator can then work with the domain's G Suite administrator, who can assign licenses to the appropriate users in the Admin console.

  1. Sign in to admin.google.com.
  2. Click Billing.
  3. In the Google Vault row, click Settings then Manage licenses.
  4. Click the Manage licenses tab.
  5. Choose how licenses are assigned:
    • To assign licenses to everyone automatically (full-domain licensing), select Auto-assign the following license to all currently unassigned users and users subsequently created, then choose Google Vault in the drop-down menu. Click Save changes.
    • To assign licenses to individual users or organizational units (partial-domain licensing), deselect Auto-assign the following license to all currently unassigned users and users subsequently created and click Save changes.
      Then, assign licenses in the Unassigned users tab, filtering by List to assign licenses to individuals, or Org to assign licenses to organizational units. 

      Customers using partial-domain licensing have a specific number of licenses available to assign to users. That number cannot be exceeded, so there is no auto-assignment option for Vault licenses. As you add new users to G Suite, you will need to repeat these steps to assign Vault licenses. If you have used all of your licenses, contact your account manager or reseller to increase your order.

      Note: You can also unassign licenses in the Assigned users tab, but make sure that you understand the implications before you do it. See Vault license FAQ.


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