Download an export from Vault

When an export is ready in Vault, you can download it for processing and analysis. The person who downloads the export doesn’t have to be the same person who started the export.

The export can be downloaded as many times as needed until the links expire (15 days after the export began).


  • The matter must be shared with you or owned by you.
  • You have the Manage Exports privilege.
    Note: If the export contains data from accounts across multiple organizational units, you need the Manage Exports privilege on each organizational unit. Otherwise, you won't be able to download the export. 

Download an export

  1. If you haven't already, sign in to
  2. Click Matters and then the matter that contains the export.
  3. Click Exports.
  4. Point to the export you want to download and click Download.
    • If the download option isn't available, that means the export isn't ready yet.
    • If Download button isn't available and shows the message, "This export contains files that you don’t have access to", then you're missing the Manage Exports privilege on one or more organizational units in the export.
  5. In the box that opens, next to each file you want to download, click Download.
  6. Click Done.

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