uconf-schedule: Global Scheduling Utility


The Global Scheduler utility, uconf-schedule, provides a means of scheduling Urchin 5 tasks to run immediately or at some regularly scheduled interval without having to make individual scheduling changes to each Urchin Profile.

The types of scheduling operations that uconf-schedule can perform are:

  • schedule all profiles to run immediately
  • schedule all profiles to run at a particular time and/or frequency
  • disable scheduling for all profiles
  • The Global Scheduling Utility is one of the Urchin 5 utilities that is typically used in an automated/scripted environment. For a synopsis of the entire suite of scripting utilities and an in-depth description of their usage, please read Script-based Configuration Management


    uconf-schedule is located in the util directory of the Urchin 5 distribution.

    Usage of the utility is as follows:

      uconf-schedule [-v] (prints version and exits)
      uconf-schedule [-k] [-r]

    In the default mode, uconf-schedule will interactively prompt for the type of global scheduling operation to apply, and any other parameters necessary (such as the time of day, date, etc.). If the "-k" option is supplied, the scheduling is done without modifying the existing schedule for the profiles. If the "-r" option is specified, the utility will simply schedule all profiles to run immediately, with no further input required. Running "uconf-schedule -k -r" is a useful way of scheduling all profiles to run immediately without changing the normally scheduled run times for the Profiles.


    The uconf-schedule utility does not actually run jobs itself. It merely applies a global scheduling change to all profiles, which in turn is picked up by the Urchin Scheduler (urchind). Therefore, it is necessary to be running the Urchin Scheduler in order for events scheduled by uconf-schedule to be invoked, including Run-Now events.