inspector: Urchin Installation Integrity Checker


The Urchin Installation Integrity Checker, inspector, provides a means of checking the Urchin 5 distribution and reporting if there are problems with permissions, missing files, or certain problems with the Urchin configuration itself. By default, it also provides a summary of information about the Urchin installation and the type of platform it is installed on.

The types of operations that inspector can perform are:

  • Perform a sanity check on the Urchin distribution, including existance of files and proper permissions
  • Check availability of a network port (for Urchin's webserver)
  • Reset proper permissions on the Urchin distribution


inspector is located in the util directory of the Urchin 5 distribution.

Usage of the utility is as follows:

  inspector [-h] (prints usage message and exits)
  inspector [-v] (prints version and exits)
  inspector [-v] [-p port] [-r]
  -p  checks a specified port to determine availability
  -r  directs inspector to fix permissions on the distribution files
When called with no command line arguments, inspector will perform a number of sanity checks on the Urchin installation to ensure integrity of the installation. Specifically, it performs the following operations:
  1. Prints the Urchin version and Server information such as the operating system version and hostname
  2. Verifies that all the proper Urchin binaries and utilities are in place and are the correct version. On UNIX-type platforms, discrepancies in the permissions of the binaries and files in the Urchin distribtuion are also noted.
  3. Checks and reports the status of the Urchin Apache webserver (urchinwebd)
  4. Checks and reports the status of the Urchin Scheduler (urchind)
  5. Checks the Urchin configuration and reports the total number of records and some summary licensing information.

When invoked with the "-p" argument, inspector will check for the availability of the specified network port. This option is intended primarily for use by the Urchin installation process, and provides no information about the actual Urchin distribution itself.

The "-r" (repair) option will cause the utility to attempt to repair the permissions of any files in the Urchin distribution that are not consistent with the the original installation. This is typically only useful on UNIX-type platforms, and in most cases will require that the utility be run as the "root" user.