Why does setting affiliations when not in datacenter mode make entries invisible?

From the standpoint of the admin interface Affiliations are only active when Urchin is installed in Datacenter mode. When not in Datacenter mode, Affiliations don't appear at all in the GUI. However, on the backend Affiliations always exist in the configuration database. The Datacenter mode setting does not change this fact. When not in Datacenter mode, by default all Affiliation directives are set to (NONE). Since Affiliation parameters always exist, they can be reset using uconf-import or uconf- driver no matter what their visibility is in the interface. If you set an Affiliation parameter on a Profile, Log Source, or User to anything other than (NONE) when not running in Datacenter mode, then that item will no longer be visible in the admin interface. It will appear to the user as if it has been deleted, although it can be seen to exist if you use uconf- export or uconf-driver to query the config db. Care should be taken when scripting edits or manually editing the configuration to avoid setting unusable Affiliations.