Why does my browser time-out when I view my reports?

The application that queries the Urchin database and produces each report, will time out if the data is not returned in under 45 seconds. If the database size is large enough, 45 seconds may not be long enough to retrieve all of the requested report data. When that happens, it simply times out and an error is typically displayed.

The time out value can be extended if you have sufficient access to the server that Urchin runs on.

Extending the Application Time Out

  • Connect to the Urchin server using a command shell
  • Browse to the .../[urchin-install-dir]/etc/ directory
  • using a text editor, open 'session.conf'
  • Increase the value of 'APPLICATION_TIMEOUT:' (in seconds)
  • save the file and the changes will be updated immediately