Why can't I use wildcards with remote (HTTP) log files?


Remote log files transferred via http during processing, cannot be configured using the same wildcard expressions available for local log files. However, it is possible to use a date-stamp expression, such as YYMMDD or YYYYMMDD (see below).

Wildcards, such as *, allow Urchin to grab multiple files with one log file name entry. This is not available for remote HTTP logs because the http routine is much more complex to manage if more than one file is being accessed at the same time.

Users should either download the remote logs before running Urchin (logs can be concatenated before doing so), create a separate entry for each remote source, or use FTP which does support wilcard naming (Urchin 5 only). The YYMMDD syntax is available in remote log file specifications to allow automatic processing of remote logs that are on a rotation schedule. Use of YYMMDD will 'not' match all logs that are named accordingly (see below).

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