Why am I getting 'httpd: could not set socket option TCP_NODELAY' in my error log?


This message almost always indicates that the client disconnected before the Urchin Apache webserver (urchinwebd) reached the point where it sets certain options on the network connection (socket) between the browser and the Apache server.


This is an advisory message only. However, it would be worthwhile to check with your network administrator to determine what might cause the network connections to be disconnected prematurely. Some possible causes might be:

  • a misconfigured web robot/spider or monitoring agent that doesn't properly shut down the network connection to the Urchin Apache server
  • a misconfigured firewall or network that is causing some packet traffic to be improperly discarded
  • the result of a network port scan looking for vulnerabilities
  • a denial-of-service attack against the Urchin Apache webserver