What does 'Authentication Error: can't grab global config from db. (6006)' mean?

The error "Authentication Error - can't grab global config from db. (6006)" is usually due to a permissions problem during installation. You should first complete setup by generating the configuration settings appropriately. Then, run the Urchin inspector and let us know the results if any additional errors or permissions problems are indicated. The inspector can only be run from the command line in the ~/urchin/util/ directory and should be run as as follows to restore permissions to thier proper state.

  • Windows-> inspector.exe -r
  • Unix----> ./inspector -r
  • MacOSX--> sudo ./inspector -r

    What should I do if that does not fix the probem?

    Restart the Urchin services and try to login again. If you are still unsuccessful, then export your configuration (see below) and check for existing profiles, tasks, log files, users, etc. If none are present, then it is safe to restore the configuration. However, if you are able to see profile and other configuration items mentioned above, please open a support ticket and send us your exported configuration and inspector results for further review.

    Restart Services cd to the ~urchin/bin/ directory and run 'urchinctl restart'

    Configuration export cd to the ~/urchin/util/ directory and run 'uconf-export -f config.txt.' This will create a text file called config.txt containing your configuration settings.

    Configuration Reset

    Resetting of the configuration should only be done if you are working with a new installation of Urchin and do not yet have any saved configuration data. Performing the next steps will rest your configuration to its initial state without any profile, user, or other related settings.

  • Open a command shell and cd to the ~urchin/util directory
  • To ensure proper configuration setup, run ./uconf-import -r -f initialdb.config
  • This will overwrite any existing configuration with a new clean configuration.
  • You should now be able to login to the Urchin Administration with a web browser.