UTM Quick-Install (IIS)

The following is intended as a quick run-through on installing the UTM for websites running on a Microsoft IIS server on any Windows platform. For more detailed information on the UTM, please see the article entitled "Urchin Traffic Monitor (UTM)" found in this section.

Step 1: Copy UTM files to website document root. The files, __utm.js and __utm.gif are located in the "utils\utm" folder in the Urchin distribution. Copy these two files to the main folder of your website content. IMPORTANT: the filenames start with two underscore characters.

Step 2: Reference UTM in your HTML. Enter the following line in all of your HTML pages. While it can go anywhere in the pages, we recommend putting it in the <head> section. If you use a common include or template, you can enter it there. IMPORTANT: the filename starts with two underscores.

<script src="/__utm.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

If you are using a package like "HTML Tidy", you may want to include the Javascript line in the HEAD area of your page to make it more palatable, for instance:

  <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1">
  <script src="/__utm.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Step 3: Enable cookies in your IIS logging. Open the IIS Manager and bring up the Properties window for your website. Make sure the logging is enabled and set to the W3C Extended format. Click the Properties button next to the format and under the Extended Properties Tab, check the box next to Cookie.

Step 4: Set Urchin Profile to use UTM. In the Urchin Administration interface, edit the profile in question and click on the Reporting tab. Set the Visitor Tracking Method to UTM. Set the UTM Domain to the address of your website without the www. When done click the Update button. Then click on the Profile Settings tab and choose UTM-Enable All for the Default Report Set, then click Update again.

That's it! Your website will now begin logging UTM data into your normal log file which will be identified the next time you run Urchin.

Is it working? To see if the UTM is successfully making entries to your log file, examine the log after you have installed the UTM and clicked on a few pages of the site. You should see an entry similar to the following at the end of the log file:

... "GET /__utm.gif?..." 200 ..."__utma=..."

If you don't see the __utma entries, be sure to check that cookies was enabled in the logging properly. If the status code is not 200 then check to make sure the files were properly copied to your document root.