Issue with 'conf_get' failure when using 'uconf-import' utility

The "uconf-import" utility was introduced as part of a suite of new scripting utilities with the Urchin 4.100 release. Customers who have been using this utility have occasionally encountered a conf_get error when attempting to import new or edited records using "uconf-import". This failure typically manifests after records have been removed from the Urchin configuration database using the Urchin administrative GUI.

The result of this error is that there is inconsistent loading of the new or edited records, and any associations that link these records are not established properly, e.g. user access to profiles, log sources or tasks assigned to profiles, etc.

This issue was addressed beginning with the Urchin 4.101 maintenance release, and all customers are strongly encouraged to upgrade to the latest version of Urchin 4. For customers who have experienced this failure and are not yet able to upgrade to Urchin 4.101 or later, please implement the following workaround:

  • Stop the Urchin services with 'bin/urchinctl stop'
  • Run "util/uconf-export -f /path/to/saved-config" to ensure you have the very latest snapshot of your configuration.
  • Copy this saved export file to a new temporary config file.
  • Edit the temporary config file and remove any Task entry with a "0" name, and check carefully that the proper associations have been made between Profiles, Log Sources, Filters, Users, etc.
  • Re-import your configuration using the command "util/uconf-import -r -f /path/to/temporary-config". This completely reloads the Urchin configuration database from the temporary config file, and will cause all database associations to be rebuilt correctly. However, it is imperative that you maintain the order of the first three records (Global, Machine, Affiliation), when you do this!
  • Restart Urchin services with 'bin/urchinctl start'