How do I recover from 'Unable to open database for writing since it has been archived' error?

When attempting to run a profile, you receive this error:

WARNING: (7063-54-63) Unable to open database for writing
since it has been archived
This error occurs since the log tracking databases are stored on a per month basis with Urchin 5. During processing, Urchin reads the first couple of lines from the log file, determines which month this log belongs to and attempts to open the databases for that month. Since the databases for that month have been archived, an error is returned since Urchin will not allow reading/writing to databases that have been archived.There are several workarounds:
  1. Turn off the archive feature and uncompress the * files for the affected profiles and remove the * files.
  2. Change the log wildcarding to include a date matching string (perhaps YY* or YYYY* can be used to identify files only for this year).
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