How can I do an unattended Windows installation?


Installing Urchin on a Windows system in an unattended mode first requires that an installer answer file be created. This would typically be done on a master system which will later be used to image other servers.


  1. Run the urchin5702_win_setup.exe installer as follows:
    urchin5xxx_win_setup.exe /r /f1"C:\temp\setup.iss" /v"HTTPDPORTPROP=XXXX"
    where "XXXX" is the port number that Urchin webserver service will run on (default is 9999). This will walk you through the first-time installation process, and create the C:\temp\setup.iss answer file which you can then use to do new unattended installs of Urchin.
  2. To install Urchin using this answer file, either on the same system or on a system imaged from the master, run the command:
    urchin5xxx_win_setup.exe /s /f1"C:\path\to\setup.iss"
    This will install Urchin on the system without requring any interactive actions.
Note that all the command line options for urchin5xxx_win_setup.exe can be found at:


Please note that due to a glitch in the installer process, you cannot define a different port for the Urchin Apache webserver to run on (default is 9999). If you want a different port, you'll have to run the "uconf-driver" utility to do it as part of the post-install process.