Filter Fields


When a hit or line in a log file is read during processing, the hit is broken down into 'Raw Fields'. Fields are generally separated by spaces, tabs, or commas. Once the Raw Fields are read, Urchin automatically calculates the 'Auto Fields', using the values in the 'Raw Fields'. Most reports use data in these Auto Fields for updating.

Filters can be applied to either Raw or Auto Fields. The following two tables provides insight into the purpose of each Field. The first table lists the Fields used for standard reports. A dash in the Fields Used column means that the report in question summarizes numbers generated in other reports and therefore is not tied specifically to the data in particular fields. The second table lists all available Fields and their purpose.

Report Field List

Report NameFields Used
Sessions Graph-
Pageviews Graph -
Hits Graph-
Bytes Graph-
Visitors & Sessions
Visitors by Day-
Sessions by Day-
Unique Visitors-
Unique Sessions-
Visitor Loyaltyutm_session_number
Session Frequency -
Pages & Files
Requested Pagesrequest_stem
All Filesrequest_origfilepath
Directory by Pages Drilldownrequest_stem
Directory by Files Drilldownrequest_origfilepath
Directory by Bytes Drilldownrequest_stem
File Types by Hitsrequest_origmime
File Types by Bytesrequest_origmime
Page Query Termsrequest_stem|request_query
Posted Formsrequest_stem
Status and Errorssc_status|request_errordetail
Entrance Pagesrequest_stem
Exit Pagesrequest_stem
Click Pathsrequest_stem
Click To and Fromrequest_stem
Length of Pageviewrequest_stem
Depth of Session-
Length of Session-
Click To and From Reportrequest_stem
Referral Drilldownreferral_domainandstem
Search Termsreferral_domain|referral_keywords
Search Enginesreferral_domain|referral_keywords
Referral Errorsreferral_errordetail|referral_domainandstem
Domains & Users
Domain Drilldowndomain_primary|domain_complete
IP Addressesc_ip
IP Drilldownc_ip
Usernames by Hitscs_username
Usernames by Bytescs_username
Usernames by Sessionscs_username
Browsers & Robots
Browsers by Sessions Drilldownuseragent_complete
Browsers by Hits Drilldownuseragent_complete
Browsers by Bytes Drilldownuseragent_complete
Platforms by Sessions Drilldownuseragent_complete
Platforms by Hits Drilldownuseragent_complete
Platforms by Bytes Drilldownuseragent_complete
Combos by Sessionsuseragent_complete
Robots by Hits Drilldownbrowser_base
Robots by Bytes Drilldownbrowser_base
Client Parameters
Screen Resolutionutm_screen_resolution
Screen Colorsutm_screen_colors
Java Enabledutm_java_enabled
Timezone Offsetutm_timezone_offset
Javascript Versionutm_js_version
Number of Transactions-
Products by Revenueelf_productname|elf_productcode
Products by Quantityelf_productname|elf_productcode
Products by Revenue Drilldownelf_productname|elf_productcode
Products by Quantity Drilldownelf_productname|elf_productcode
E-Commerce Summary-
Revenue Source
Revenue by Region Drilldownelf_region
Revenue by Cityelf_region
Revenue by Referralsreferral_domainandstem
Revenue by Search Termsreferral_domain|referral_keywords
Revenue by Search Engines Drilldownreferral_domain|referral_keywords
Revenue by Domains Drilldowndomain_primary|domain_complete

Complete Field List

1iis_date(RAW)IIS raw date of hit field.
2iis_time(RAW)IIS raw time of hit field.
3apache_time(RAW)Apache raw date & time of hit field.
4c_ip(RAW)Client IP Address.
5cs_username(RAW)Client username (if any)
6selected>cs_request(RAW)Apache raw entire request field.
7cs_method(RAW)IIS raw request method field.
8cs_uristem(RAW)IIS raw request stem field.
9cs_uriquery(RAW)IIS raw request query field.
10sc_status(RAW)Return status code from server.
11sc_bytes(RAW)Number of bytes transferred for request.
12c_host(RAW)Client hostname (converts to c_ip if necessary).
13cs_useragent(RAW)Browser user-agent information.
14cs_cookie(RAW)Cookies sent by browser.
15cs_referer(RAW)Raw Referral information (could be internal).
16custom_date(RAW)Used for datestamp in Custom Logs.
17custom_time(RAW)Used for timestamp in Custom Logs.
19cs_host(RAW)Requested virtualhost by Client.
20s_port(RAW)Server port number.
21cs_version(RAW)IIS Raw HTTP version.
22s_sitename(RAW)IIS Server site name.
23s_computername(RAW)IIS Computer name.
24s_ip(RAW)IIS Server IP address.
25elf_orderid(RAW)E-commerce order id number.
26elf_store(RAW)E-commerce store name.
27elf_sessionid(RAW)E-commerce session id.
28elf_total(RAW)E-commerce transaction amount.
29elf_tax(RAW)E-commerce tax amount.
30elf_shipping(RAW)E-commerce shipping amount.
31elf_billcity(RAW)E-commerce customer city.
32elf_billstate(RAW)E-commerce customer state.
33elf_billzip(RAW)E-commerce customer zip code.
34elf_billcountry(RAW)E-commerce customer country.
35elf_productcode(RAW)E-commerce product code.
36elf_productname(RAW)E-commerce product name.
37elf_variation(RAW)E-commerce product variation.
38elf_price(RAW)E-commerce product price.
39elf_quantity(RAW)E-commerce product quantity.
40elf_upsold(RAW)E-commerce upsold variable.
76referral_protocol(AUTO)Referral protocol (http/https/etc.)
77referral_host(AUTO)Referral complete hostname.
78referral_domain(AUTO)Referral domain name.
79referral_port(AUTO)Referral port number (if any).
80referral_url(AUTO)Referral complete URL. (includes host)
81referral_uri(AUTO)Referral complete URI. (no host)
82referral_stem(AUTO)Referral URI stem without query info.
83referral_query(AUTO)Referral Query info by itself.
84referral_anchor(AUTO)Referral information after # tag.
85referral_directory(AUTO)Referral directory up to filename.
86referral_filename(AUTO)Referral filename without directory.
87referral_mime(AUTO)Referral mime type (file extension)
88referral_keywords(AUTO)Referral search engine keywords
89referral_domainandstem(AUTO)Referral domain and URI stem together.
90referral_errordetail(AUTO)Referral error detail information.
91request_method(AUTO)Request method (GET/POST/etc.).
92request_url(AUTO)Request complete URL (if provided).
93request_version(AUTO)Request protocol version.
94request_protocol(AUTO)Request protocol (HTTP/etc.).
95request_host(AUTO)Request hostname (if any).
96request_port(AUTO)Request port number (if any).
97request_uri(AUTO)Request URI with query.
98request_stem(AUTO)Request URI without query.
99request_query(AUTO)Request query information (e.g., after ?)
100request_anchor(AUTO)Request information after # tag
101request_directory(AUTO)Request directory without filename.
102request_filename(AUTO)Request filename without directory.
103request_mime(AUTO)Request mime type (file extension).
104request_origfilepath(AUTO)Request original uri stem if UTM.
105request_origmime(AUTO)Request original mime type if UTM.
106request_errordetail(AUTO)Request detail for error hits.
107useragent_complete(AUTO)Complete user- agent.
108browser_base(AUTO)Browser name (e.g., Netscape).
109browser_version(AUTO)Browser version.
110platform_base(AUTO)Platform (e.g., Windows).
111platform_version(AUTO)Platform version.
112domain_primary(AUTO)First level domain. (e.g. com).
113domain_complete(AUTO)Complete domain. (e.g.
114sid(AUTO)Session id (if any).
115utm_cookiea(AUTO)UTM-2 cookie-a
116utm_cookieb(AUTO)UTM-2 cookie-b
117utm_cookiec(AUTO)UTM-2 cookie-c
119utm_cookie1(AUTO)UTM-1 cookie-1
120utm_cookie2(AUTO)UTM-2 cookie-2
121utm_cookie3(AUTO)UTM-3 cookie-3
122utm_unique_id(AUTO)UTM unique visitor id.
124utm_page(AUTO)UTM page variable (used for request_ variables).
125utm_referral(AUTO)UTM Referral (used for referral_ variables).
126utm_screen_resolution(AUTO)Screen resolution (e.g., 800x600).
127utm_screen_available(AUTO)Available screen resolution in pixels.
128utm_browser_size(AUTO)Browser size in pixels.
129utm_screen_colors(AUTO)Screen color bit depth.
130utm_language(AUTO)Browser language code setting.
131utm_java_enabled(AUTO)yes|no if java is enabled.
132utm_cookies_enabled(AUTO)yes|no if cookies are enabled.
133utm_timezone_offset(AUTO)+/-HHMM timezone offset value of browser.
134utm_js_version(AUTO)Javascript version info.
135utm_session_number(AUTO)Number of sessions for this visitor.
145elf_region(AUTO)E-Commerce region drilldown information.