Exporting Data


Urchin's data export function makes it easy to extract data from any Urchin report. This is useful for bringing report data into a spreadsheet, word processor, database, etc. for further analysis.

How to Use Export Data

To export data from any report, select the appropriate type based on the application you plan to use to manipulate the data. For general database importing, use tab-separated format. For Word and Excel export, the application should launch automatically after the data is exported, and the new document should be populated with the data you have exported.

  • Tab: click the "T" button to export data in tab-delimited format.
  • Word: click the Word icon to export data in Microsoft Word native format.
  • Excel: click the Excel icon to export data in Microsoft Excel native format.
Printing: click the printer icon to get a print-friendly view of the data; click the Print Page link from that screen to actually print the report.


  • To export data to a database, tab-separated is usually the preferred format